At Chic Resumes we follow a strict rule to write, edit and format resumes that are crisp, clean and able to hold the attention of hiring managers. However, it is common for job seekers to get anxiety when omitting certain things on their resumes—particularly when those features correlate to one’s professional brand.

With the right consultation and guidance, every job seeker can edit their resume down to deliver a tidier document that will present sharp aesthetics to those on the receiving end. Sometimes, writing a resume is all about creating a “less is more” image, but it does take strategy.

Why Should You Simplify Your Resume?

There are several reasons why editing and simplifying your resume could be beneficial to your overall job search. Here are just a few:

  • Resumes with an even balance of “white space” are more pleasing on the eye—cramming more words on to a page may just give an employer a headache.
  • Simplicity on a resume can show that you truly understand who you are as a professional; that confidence can count for a lot when trying to beat out the competition.
  • Tailoring skills and experience can help you find the job you want by focusing on the professional elements that you want to utilize in your career.
  • Simplifying can get your resume down to one page—this is much appreciated by several employers.

Tips for Simplifying Your Resume

Even if one recognizes the need to simplify a resume, editing professional experience and skills can seem like letting go of your first born. With Chic Resumes, it does not have to feel that way—as we can help simplify your resume without diminishing the facets that shine the most. If you are not sure where to get started when designing a simpler resume, here are a few tips:

  • Finesse Your Format

Sometimes, the words on a resume are not what cause it to look messy or crammed. Instead, many individuals will try to format a resume or use a template that just does not fit. Whether the format uses unnecessary lines, graphics or fonts—these elements can take away precious space that can be used to highlight a job seeker’s strengths. Choosing a cleaner format can also help group relevant information together so that one’s career experience flows better for the reader.

Trying out different formats and selecting the ones that fit the best can really refine one’s CV. Chic Resumes offers four different formats that deliver a sharp aesthetic without having to detract from one’s professional skills and experience.

  • Delete Repeats

When applying for a specific job, job seekers will often focus on making sure that whoever reviews the resume will know what skills the candidate possesses. However, this tactic can often lead to repetition that takes up space and complicates the employer’s interpretation of the document.

Job seekers can avoid repetition through careful editing, such as by making sure past employment summaries do not reiterate the same responsibilities in a different fashion. For instance, while “assisting customers” and “providing customer service” may sound different, employers will just see this as unnecessary repetition.

  •  Do Not Go Keyword Crazy

Keywords matter a great deal on a resume, especially if a candidate’s application is being sent through employment scanners. However, it is important to realize that overusing these keywords can be just as detrimental as not using them at all.

When choosing keywords, make sure that they actually pertain to your strengths and the position you are applying for. In addition, it is vital to see what keyword trends are appealing to recruiters and hiring managers; using outdated or superfluous terms can hurt one’s chances of getting an interview in the modern job market.

Stuck on Simplifying Resumes? There is Help!

Simplifying a resume can be difficult, so it can help to have a third party review this important document and revise it to industry standards. The professional writing team at Chic Resumes offers end-to-end services to help deliver a polished resume to clients, allowing them to submit simpler documents with confidence on their job search.

Our team will learn about you and your strengths through a one-on-one consultation and then use proven expertise to craft a resume that is simpler and refreshing to employers. If you need help editing, expanding and simplifying your resume, contact us today at (803) 831-7444(803) 831-7444 or email resumewriting@grammarchic.net.