image.axdWriting your resume is a careful balancing act between showing employers that you can do what they are asking for and also demonstrating other strengths that you bring to the table. You want to find a job that makes you happy and utilizes your skills and experiences, helping you to continue growing and developing. But how can you convey to employers what you are looking for while still keeping their needs in mind?

Brand Yourself

You want your resume to convey a professional image of who you are. One mistake that many job seekers make is submitting a resume that does not align them with any specific position. At Chic Resumes we help you start out strong by including a statement identifying the type of position you are qualified for. This could include something such as “Information Technology Specialist,” “Human Resources Manager,” or “Senior-Level Marketing Executive.” It not only shows who you are professionally, but also the type of position you are interested in.

Maximize Your Marketing Message

One of the best ways to highlight who you are and what you enjoy doing is through your marketing message. Rather than inserting a boring objective that tells a hiring manager what you are looking to do in your next position, take this opportunity to show them what you are capable of. This leaves a stronger impression of your abilities and gives backing to your claims. An objective merely states what you want to do, with no evidence that you are able to accomplish these things.

Summary of Qualifications

Start with a summary of qualifications. This should be several sentences providing an overview of different proficiencies that you have. Incorporate verbs and adjectives that bring out your personality and make you come alive. Do you thrive in fast-paced environments? Are you results-driven or goal-oriented? Perhaps you are dynamic or forward-thinking.

Address strengths that you have that align with not only what the employer is looking for, but also what you are looking for. What are some areas that you excel in and are passionate about? Highlighting these from the start shows employers where your interests and strengths lay. While you are capable of completing their required tasks, you also bring other expertise that will help the department or company to grow and improve.

Core Competencies

Next, create a list of core competencies. These keywords should focus on professional skills and habits that you possess. Include targeted words from the job description but also skills that you know enhance what you bring to the position. This is an area where you can quickly grab attention by showcasing your diverse talents at a glance.

Professional Accomplishments

When detailing your work history, emphasize those projects and accomplishments that you are most proud of. What have you excelled at that shows you can make a positive impact and have mastered the necessary skills? Showcasing these elements conveys areas that interest you and where you have refined your abilities. Select achievements that align with aspects of your career that you want to focus on in your next position and prove to employers that you can benefit their organization.

Focus On You

Let Chic Resumes by Grammar Chic, Inc. help you by creating a professional resume that combines your strengths, experiences, and interests with what employers are looking for in an applicant. Contact us today by calling (803) 831-7444, visiting, or emailing us at to find out more.