store employee behind registerOne section that many people struggle with on their resume is the core competencies. They have a hard time pin-pointing specific keywords that relate to what they are able to do. Whether they are relatively new to their position or have been there for many years, it can be a challenge to identify their own strengths.

Oftentimes people overlook key skills that could be core competencies because they just see it as part of their job, not anything special. Looking at your responsibilities and accomplishments from a new perspective can help you to unearth skills that you may not have realized you possessed – or at least word them in a way that makes them stand out.

An effective way to get started is to sit down and start drafting a list of the things you do every day. Think about projects, meetings, phone calls, accounts, anything that you spend time on. Write it down, even if it doesn’t seem that important. Then spend some time looking at each bullet and thinking about it in a broader perspective.

  • Customer Relations/Service

This is a category that many people fit into but may overlook. Whether you are working in retail, IT, finance, healthcare, or virtually any other field, there is a good chance that you are interacting with the public. Do you field calls, resolve issues or complaints, or support clients in meeting their goals or objectives? This can be more broadly looked at as customer relations or service.

  • Team Building

If you find that you are a natural leader and have a knack for communicating with and motivating others, team building is a great keyword. Do you find yourself creating ways to work with others more effectively and achieve a common goal? Or recognizing colleagues for a job well done? These acts can all contribute to a better work environment and stimulate more productive teams.

  • Problem Solving

Problem solvers are always on the lookout for ways to effectively and efficiently resolve issues. Are you the go-to person when someone needs help? Are you always coming up with strategies to make customers happier or meet their needs? From minor inefficiencies to major obstacles, think about how you have contributed to overcome them and make things run more smoothly.

  • Analysis

Many people deal with data on a daily basis. Whether tracking sales, budgeting, monitoring campaigns or marketing strategies, and more, you are often analyzing the information. This also includes having to write reports, give feedback or projections, or other presentations. Think about the information you handle on a daily basis and how you process it.

These are just a fraction of the skills you may realize that you have when thinking about your job in a new light. Read through job descriptions for similar positions and see what keywords are presented there that might apply to you. Don’t be afraid to boast about your strengths – be proud of your abilities because they are what will help you land your next job! Stop being humble and think critically about what habits you have acquired throughout your career.

If you are having a hard time translating your responsibilities and accomplishments into strong core competencies, the professionals at Chic Resumes have got you covered. We know what hiring managers are looking for and can help you identify where your strengths lie. To get started making your resume accurately reflect your skills, contact us today by calling (803) 831-7444(803) 831-7444, emailing, or visiting