iStock_000005359598_resume-211x300Job searching has changed significantly over the years. While job seekers can still turn to newspapers and posted advertisements for employment opportunities, many companies are now using the Internet for everything from posting openings and receiving applications to screening candidates. In many cases, long gone are the days of picking up a paper application and submitting it to the employer. Resumes are more commonly emailed or submitted electronically.

In keeping up with the changing times, many job seekers may wonder if their resume is properly aligned with these different channels. Is the employer seeing a crisp, clean copy, or a jumbled mess because it did not transfer correctly? Saving your resume in multiple formats can help to smooth the transition between platforms and allow you to submit your resume in a variety of ways.

Word Documents

Microsoft Word is one of the most common programs to use for resume creation. Many devices have the capability of opening .doc files. This format also allows you to easily make changes as necessary to tailor your resume to the specific job opening. Given that employers or may be using any number of versions, it may be beneficial to save your resume as .doc (Word 97-2003 document) as opposed to a .docx (Word document). This can help to ensure that it is able to be viewed with older versions of the program.

PDF Files

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are a great way to send your resume without the fear that the format, font, style, or other features may change when opened by the recipient. PDF files are read-only and maintain the same appearance across platforms. What you see when you look at the file is what the recipient will see as well. You know that the employer is getting all of the information in a polished, professional-looking format.

Digital Resume

Digital resumes, or HTML resumes, are accessible to employers 24 hours a day. You have the ability to add additional links to work samples that can give a more comprehensive view of your abilities. Placing your resume online also allows employers or recruiters to find you during their search. They may come across your online portfolio or resume and see that you are a strong candidate. Posting your resume to networking sites such as LinkedIn can be beneficial because not only can you seek out job openings, employers can easily connect with you as well.

Adding a link to your online portfolio and/or LinkedIn profile is yet another way to showcase your abilities and strengths. Employers can go to these sources for more information and to see that your content is consistent across platforms. Both Word documents and PDF files are easily attached to email and able to be uploaded to online application systems. Even when entering your information manually, it can still be beneficial to attach a copy of your resume. This allows potential employers to see a more formal, polished version that better highlights your skills and accomplishments and ensures that they see all of the information you have to present.

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