Bad-ResumeAfter a while your resume can seem worn and outdated. You may feel that it is no longer making as strong of an impact as it once did, or reflecting you in quite the same light. If your resume looks the same as it did when you were applying for jobs 10 years, five years, or even two years ago, it may be time to revitalize it. In some cases, this may mean a complete overhaul. In others, a few revisions or changes here and there could make a valuable difference.

  • Change up the verbiage

Get rid of stale and overused verbs. Replace them with more powerful action words that bring more meaning to your accomplishments. Rather than saying “led,” consider “spearheaded” or “directed.”  Think about the impact that words such as championed, forged, implemented, authorized, conceptualized, cultivated, prioritized, standardized, and verified could have. Try to avoid starting more than one bullet point with the same verb to reduce redundancy and keep things more engaging.

  • Update your skills

What new skills have you learned since you last updated your resume? Or what skills have you refined? Read through current job postings to get a feel for the types of qualifications employers are looking for. This can also help you to get a better grasp on more up-to-date phrasing and terminology.  If you have taken on additional responsibilities, earned a promotion, or shifted roles, think about how your experience has changed.

  • Reword descriptions

Sometimes rewording your accomplishments can change their impact. Creating more concise, powerful statements that are results- or action-oriented can elevate the impression that your resume makes. Get rid of boring statements and replace them with phrases that pack a punch.

  • Revamp the format

There are many ways to spruce up the format of your resume. Consider adding horizontal lines, bolding headers or using a slightly larger font, or changing bullet points from circles to squares or arrows. These small changes can boost the visual appeal of your resume and increase readability.

  • Switch the font

Font can make a visible difference in the look and feel of your resume. While you should still select something that looks professional and formal, consider using Cambria or Verdana instead of Times New Roman. Avoid using too many different fonts and sizes throughout your resume, however. Try to create a consistent, professional image.

  • Reorganize your accomplishments

Depending on the role you are seeking, some accomplishments may make a bigger impact than others. Put your strongest points at the top so they catch the employer’s attention first. Then you can go on to address other achievements and results. Changing the flow of your experience can bring new life to the position and create a more positive impact.

Making some simple changes to your resume can change both the look and feel. This could be what it takes to get your resume noticed by more employers. Keeping things fresh and updated is encouraged so that you are always putting your best foot forward. If you feel as though your resume is behind the times and could use an overhaul, the team at Chic Resumes can help. We can assist you in presenting yourself in the best light and creating a resume that is polished and professional. To get started, call (803) 831-7444 or email Don’t let your worn out resume hold you back any longer.