Powerful word for winning a resumeIt is wonderful to have a broad range of abilities and interests. Oftentimes employees wear many hats and may have developed numerous skills throughout their career. This allows them to be adaptable and take on different projects. Entrepreneurs in particular may have assumed many roles. However, when it comes to your resume, being a jack of all trades may actually lead to a longer job search.

  • Not focused on one particular role. You may be open to a wide range of roles, but your resume should be targeted to the specific position that you are applying for. Being too generic so that you can span multiple positions can make it more difficult for an employer to identify exactly what type of role you are looking for. You want to create a solid identity for yourself in your summary of qualifications, noting that you are a marketing manager, communications specialist, human resources generalist, IT executive, or whatever your career may be. This quickly and effectively relays to employers a snapshot of your experience.
  • Confusing accomplishments and skills. While you may possess many different skills, focus on those that are most relevant to the position you are applying for. You don’t want to make employers have to try to guess which skills will benefit you in the role or make you a great fit for their company. If they have to spend too much time trying to make sense of everything you included, you risk being passed over for a candidate who provided a more clear cut and concise resume.
  • Not enough detail on important projects. In your haste to touch upon everything you are able to do, you may lack detail on those projects or accomplishments that set you apart from the competition. Highlight actions and results that demonstrate your strongest abilities and align with the requirements of the position.
  • Appears desperate or scattered. Without a clear focus, your resume may make you appear desperate or as though you have no real plan for your future. A general resume that spans numerous jobs and capabilities can make it seem as though you are stretching to grasp at any way you may be qualified for the role.

Though it takes a little bit more time and effort, targeting your resume can pay off. It allows you to focus on what the employer is looking for, what the position requires, and how you match up. If you are looking at more than one type of job, tweak your resume to fit these different positions. Each one may focus on different projects or skill sets as they pertain to the position. There will probably be a good bit of overlap, but the focus will be on the most relevant information for that job. Tailor your summary of qualifications and core competencies to create a stronger marketing message conveying what you have to offer.

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