It is a commonly accepted fact that recruiters spend only a short amount of time scanning resumes before deciding whether or not they make the cut. Some hiring managers say they spend less than 30 seconds perusing what an applicant has to offer. This means that you have a very short window of opportunity in which to catch the reader’s attention and show them what makes you different from every other candidate. Why you are the one that is meant for the job.

It is all about you … yet not.

While your summary of qualifications is all about you, your strengths, your abilities, and what you have to offer, in a sense, it is also really not about you at all. It is about the company you are applying to and how you align with what they are looking for in a particular role. While hiring managers want to know about what you have done, they want to know how that will affect them and their bottom line.

Great with people? Fantastic. But how are you utilizing that to get results? How will it benefit you in this position? If you have unique skills and accomplishments, how do they translate to the position you are applying for? What value do they add to the organization?

Brand yourself.

Quite simply, who are you as a professional? Are you a human resources specialist? A senior-level marketing executive? An electrical engineering professional? The first sentence of your summary of qualifications should give you a professional identity that relates to the job you are seeking. From here, the next three or four sentences should support that claim.

Stay away from broad responsibilities that could apply to any candidate. Focus in on specific skills or accomplishments you have that make a difference. Skilled in the field of sales? What are some sales techniques that you excel in employing? What has been the result? Growing sales, expanding the client base, and negotiating high level deals are all valuable results. Putting metrics with these claims can make an even more powerful impact.

It is all in the details. What value do you bring and to whom? Do not be afraid to sound self-promotional. After all, you are trying to sell the reader on why you are the best fit. At the same time, avoid lying or over-exaggerating your abilities. If you claim to have expertise in a certain area or program but are unable to support that in an interview, it can raise a lot of red flags.

A Broad Appeal

Regardless of your intent with your resume – whether looking for a promotion, a first job, or to switch careers – a strong summary of qualifications can set the tone for everything that follows. It can grab a hiring manager’s attention and make them want to find out more about you.

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