Wouldn’t it be great if every job posting contained a thorough description of the position, responsibilities, and qualifications? While some do an excellent job at preparing job seekers, others leave much to be desired. It can be tough to figure out how to customize your cover letter (and your resume) when the company barely provides any information at all. However, if it is a company or position that you are interested in, there are ways you can overcome this lack of detail and still create a powerful cover letter.

Research similar positions. Whether you’re looking to be a human resources generalist, an IT specialist, a sales rep, or a financial analyst, there are sure to be other job postings available. Do your research and see what other companies are looking for. Pull out common themes and skills that pop up across various positions. There is a good possibility that the company hiring will also be attracted to these traits, even if they didn’t mention them.

Research the company. Another approach to take is to actually research the company that is hiring. Learn more about what they do and the type of environment you would be working in. Getting a better feel for the organization can help you to pick out strengths that would match their goals and mission. Consider how your experience could benefit their product or service. How could you support them in being more successful, operating more efficiently, driving sales, or attracting customers? Whatever your line of work, try to get an idea of how you would fit in and go from there.

Leverage past experience. Think about similar positions that you have held in the past. What were some of the key skills you used there? What are your strongest abilities that you have to offer, or proof that you can achieve results? You may also want to think about any interviews you have recently gone on. What were those employers looking for? Reflect on the types of questions they asked or skills that were emphasized. You can use these experiences to assist you in figuring out how to best present yourself.

Remember that your cover letter is intended to get employers interested and give them a glimpse at what you have to offer so they’ll want to learn more. If the job description is very vague or general, there is only so much you can do to customize it. Also keep in mind that while your cover letter is about you, it is more focused on what you can do for the company. Do your best to make yourself stand out and showcase your greatest attributes as they relate to the position and company.

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