iStock_000016004829XSmall (2)Information technology is a field that is integrated into many different industries. IT professionals often have a wide range of skills and abilities that make them instrumental to various projects and business operations. When it comes to creating a resume, however, it can seem overwhelming to try to encompass everything in a clear and concise way. This is where doing your research and tailoring your resume to the specific job opening becomes important so that you target what the employer is looking for. Here are some areas where you can make your skills shine:

  • Technical Competencies: If you are proficient in numerous areas, add a separate technical competencies section below your core competencies. This will showcase these IT-specific skills. Consider breaking it down into hardware, programming languages, operating systems, and other areas where you have multiple abilities.
  • Show Diverse Skill Sets: Rather than listing every project that you have completed, select a few key ones that show your range of skills. Emphasize various tasks and the results you achieved. Let employers see that you can apply what you have learned and work in multiple environments, whether it is networking, database management, programming, or tech support.
  • List Certifications and Training: Along with your education, make sure to include any certifications that you have earned or training in specific software, programs, or systems. Not only will this demonstrate advanced knowledge, it also shows your commitment to professional development and keeping up on valuable skills.
  • Highlight Results: Sometimes IT resumes can become jumbled with lists of programs or software. While you want to show these skills, make sure your resume also shows their value. Incorporate metrics that identify what you accomplished and how it benefited the company or client. Don’t just say that you are proficient at something – prove it.
  • Align Your Resume with the Job Opening: You may be skilled in a broad range of areas depending on your level of training or years of experience, but you don’t want your resume to be too overwhelming or unfocused. Because IT professionals have the ability to work in many industries, pay attention to what key qualifications the employer is looking for with each position. Focus on the projects or skills you have that best support your ability to carry out the required tasks and make a positive difference. Zero in on the most relevant aspects of your experience. You can always elaborate more during an interview.

While it may seem like a good idea to be broad with your resume to attract more interest, keeping it targeted to the positions you are applying for can be more beneficial. Make adjustments as necessary depending on the skills required and how it fits with your abilities and experience. The team at Chic Resumes can help you to polish your resume to reflect your level of technical ability while still showing that you possess essential interpersonal, communication, and teamwork skills needed as well. Build a more balanced and customized resume today and get your job search back on track. Contact Chic Resumes at (803) 831-7444 or to get started.