Resumes are written and designed for the sole purpose of showcasing your professional talents for potential employers in a quick, smooth display. It is always a good idea to include information that is most relevant for the position you are applying for, but it is also important to include elements that will intrigue employers.

Making Employers Interested

If you can successfully appeal to an employer with a resume, you will save yourself from immediately being discarded. To get a callback for an interview, it is important to show your strengths, but also make employers wonder: How could this candidate use these skills to improve our company?

Here are some details you may want to emphasize to give those people looking at your resume some incentive to contact you about the job:

  • Great Sales Performance

Saying you are great at sales will probably win you some points, but it is much better to show how you have performed in salesmanship in your previous positions. By showing how much you have increased a company’s revenue or surpassed a quota, hiring parties may call you back to get your opinion on how you could use your skills to increase their profits.

  • Team Management Ability

If you express self-management skills in a cover letter or on a resume, you show how you can handle responsibility. If you detail the specific teams you have managed, how large those teams were and what projects you worked on, you will emphasize that you are great at team leadership. Hiring parties who review this information will likely be interested in how you can help manage their teams, what your management style is and if you are up to the challenge of overseeing new projects for their company.

  • Workplace Efficiency

Having a job to fulfill the needs of a company is great, but improving a place of work while hired can be even more impressive to a potential employer. If you explain how you consistently met deadlines or satisfied project needs under budget, employers will understand that you can make their workspace more efficient. If you have devised or implemented any strategies to improve workplace productivity or cut costs, these are great initiatives to list under work history.

Some employers may review this information and ask you to interview; during the discussion they will look back on your experience and may ask how you would go about resolving inefficiency issues they are currently experiencing.

Make Your Resume More Enticing

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