Businessteam at a meetingIn today’s job market, employers certainly have their pick of candidates—but that does not mean they will take anyone who sends in an application. Even with all the right skills and experience, companies want to hire individuals who exude confidence; as an employer, it is the only way to know you can trust in a professional.

While your in-person personality may go a long way to exemplify trustworthiness in an interview, it is critical to show this level of dependability early on in the resume. Resumes may seem technical and like bland reviews of your career, but with strategy there are many ways to show that you can be trusted to do the job and maintain the honesty of a brand:

  • For Starters, Don’t Lie

We’ve covered the many reasons why lying on a resume is bad, especially in an era where facts are checked in-depth. While fibbing or stretching the truth could get you a job, if the employer finds out, your superiors could lose faith in you and have the right to fire you. In addition, lying on a resume and getting busted is something that could follow you for the rest of your career—destroying your reputability in future opportunities.

  • Highlight Cash Responsibilities

While employers want trustworthy employees for many reasons—such as honestly representing a brand—this trust matters most when it comes to money. If a new hire cannot be trusted around company funds, it can be difficult to leave him or her on his own, let alone give the individual any money management responsibilities.

If you have been responsible for handling cash, such as making bank deposits, tracking accounts or simply overseeing the cash register, highlight these activities on your resume. While it may just seem like part of a job responsibility, reliable money management on behalf of an employer shows that you are not likely to “cook the books” or steal from the company.

  • Discuss Deadlines

Many modern professionals are expected to be multifaceted in their career role, which means juggling responsibilities and completing tasks in a timely manner. As such, employers often look for candidates that will not need to be micromanaged and can be trusted to get the job done well and on time.

One of the best ways to show that you can be counted on for a myriad of tasks is to highlight project work at previous jobs. For instance, if you have been assigned deadlines and completed them on time or before, you can easily highlight these abilities on a resume to demonstrate trustworthiness.

  • Showcase Efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility

It is one thing to show an employer that you can be trusted to honestly fulfill job responsibilities and maintain a brand. However, if you have the capacity to help a company become more trustworthy to the consumer public, you can go far.

If you have been involved in any social responsibility type duties at previous jobs—such as participating in or organizing company volunteer activities, make sure to put them on your resume. Also, any efforts to streamline internal processes, reduce waste or improve products or services for consumers can help exemplify your ability to make a positive difference.

Build a Resume You Can Trust

For many job seekers, dependability is not a question; however, putting that trustworthiness on paper could be a different story. Chic Resumes is here to interpret your work history through a one-on-one consultation and then craft a resume that clearly defines you as a trustworthy candidate. If you are ready to build a resume that helps you shine as a reliable and skilled professional, contact us today at (803) 831-7444(803) 831-7444 or email