Productivity is a major element in business operations. Companies want to optimize processes so that they are getting the best results for the most affordable cost. If an employee is not pulling their weight or performing up to expectations, they risk losing their job to someone who is able to meet or exceed desired results. Your resume is a key way to show employers what you are capable of achieving and piquing their interest to find out more.

Highlight Metrics

Metrics are a strong way to show measurable results, asserts the team at Chic Resumes. They quantify what you have achieved and make it easier for employers to make sense of the benefit you have provided to a company. These can include a range of values including percentages and monetary figures that demonstrate:

  • Increases in revenue, sales, efficiency, or accounts.
  • Decreases in overhead, expenses, or turnover rates.
  • Number of employers supervised.
  • Value of deals closed or managed.

Attaching figures to your claims provides support and brings more meaning to these statements. Employers are able to better see how you fit into their bottom line and can help the company continue growing.

Emphasize Results

But what if you don’t have access to metrics? Not everyone can put a numerical value on their accomplishments, but that does not mean that they can’t make a solid case regardless. When explaining your experience, focus on making results-oriented statements. What was your role in the project and what did it accomplish? Did you expand operations into a new territory? Introduce a new product line? Streamline processes? Train and mentor employees to enhance their performance and productivity? Think about how each task benefitted the company, its employees, its customers, or the industry.

Include Completed Projects

Anyone can start a project, but seeing it through to completion can convey productivity. If you played an instrumental role in all aspects from conception to execution, make sure you show this. Whether you were the only one working on a small project or you were part of a team working on a larger assignment, demonstrating follow-through and contributions that make it possible are valuable. Completed projects can also be used to highlight time management and organizational skills, leadership, and the ability to adhere to deadlines. If you are in the middle of a project, clearly show the progress that has been made so far.

While it may not seem as though this demonstrates your productivity, it shows your motivation and initiative to enhance your skills so that you can make more meaningful contributions. With broader or more refined skills, you are able to assume more diverse and complex responsibilities. This could save your employer from having to hire another associate or pay for additional training. Bringing advanced skills to the table can further support your qualifications and give you leverage to show an employer how you can excel in the position.

If you are struggling with how to highlight your productivity and potential on your resume, the professionals at Chic Resumes can help. We look at your experience from a new perspective and ask questions that help you to better explain the value that you provide. Contact us today at (803) 831-7444 or to learn more about the services we offer to support you in your job search.