In many of our posts, we have discussed just how precious the space is on a resume—particularly if you are aiming for a one-page document. At the same time, it is also important to make sure that the resume is properly formatted and is balanced with enough white space. When caught up with all these restrictions, some troubled job seekers may ask: How do I get all my relevant skills in a resume?

Listing important skills in a summary, core competencies section or a job description can be a very difficult process of elimination. Some people may have so many skills that they need to make multiple resumes when applying for different types of positions. However, there is another way to pack more punch in your resume without leaving important skills behind. Certain skills, such as soft skills, can be implied through the way an applicant organizes and writes his or her resume—without even listing the skill.

Here’s how this can be done:

  • Get Specific With Achievements, Show Off Detail-Oriented Persona

Being “detail-oriented” is one job skill that recruiters see over and over again; however, while they may be tired of the term, many jobs require that an applicant has a keen eye for specifics. If you want to avoid this overused term and still imply that you can be successful in your job responsibilities, simply be specific in your previous job descriptions.

Highlighting quantifiable particulars, such as sales, efficiency improvements or size of managed teams, is a great way to show that you paid attention to the important details in previous work. As a plus, these descriptions will also reveal just how much you can do for a future employer.

  • Confident Writing Makes For Strong Communication

In a resume, it is important to be positive, descriptive and confident in your abilities. The more powerful and the more clear the writing, the more the employer or recruiter will take away from it. With words alone you can leave a strong impression—even better, you can let the reviewer know you have a knack for communication.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is essential for professionals to understand how to communicate precisely yet with brevity—to get an idea across with just a few words. With such limited space on a resume, this document is the perfect place to show that you can communicate with poise.

  • Format for Clarity and To Highlight Organizational Skills

The modern business world has revealed a lot of different types of jobs, especially those that require an individual to wear multiple hats, multitask well and remain cross-functional. While the point of formatting a resume correctly and balancing it out with white space is mostly for aesthetic purposes, this technique can show that a professional is highly organized without having to say so in a summary. Hiring managers who are looking for a professional who can tackle tough projects with organization will certainly appreciate a crisp resume that appeals to the eye.

Make Sure All Your Skills Get Noticed

Whether you need help pulling out additional job skills, want to highlight the most powerful capabilities or simply need to refine your resume—the Chic Resumes team is ready to help. Through our one-on-one review process, one of our professional writers will get in touch with your career strengths and goals. With multiple formatting options and a skilled knack for language, we can craft a resume that can leave employers with a positive impression. To get started and show off your skills in a clear, professional resume, reach out to our team at (803) 831-7444 or resumewriting@grammarchic.net.