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Job hunting can be challenging no matter your experience level, but it can be particularly tough for entry-level candidates who may feel that they lack the experience to compete. Coming out of college you may be confident in what you have learned but not have a lot of real-world experience that shows you can apply it. Don’t let this hold you back from creating a powerful resume. Make the most of the skills and experiences you have acquired.

Highlight your education: As a new graduate, this may be one of your stronger assets. Bring your education section up to the top below your summary of qualifications and core competencies. This can help to explain lack of experience and also show that your training and knowledge are current and fit with modern trends.

Maximize your experience: This does not necessarily have to be paid experience. It could come from internships, volunteering, or extracurricular activities such as clubs and other organizations. Emphasize transferable skills that relate to the type of position you are seeking. Also demonstrate soft skills such as leadership, communication, and time management. What results did you achieve and how did you make a difference? The experience may not be in the same industry or role you are applying for, but it can showcase your abilities in a positive light. For instance, organizing a fundraiser for a non-profit can translate to strong marketing skills.

Brand yourself: Create a strong branding statement and marketing message to clarify the type of position you would like. Some degrees lend themselves to multiple career paths, so let employers know the direction you are headed. Your summary of qualifications should focus on the strongest skills that you would bring to the position and align with what the job opening is seeking. Also, make the most of your education again by creating a solid list of core competencies based on your acquired proficiencies. Now that you’ve established a branding statement, show that you have the skills to back it up and succeed in the job you are applying for.

Check your grammar and spelling: Don’t let your strong education be questioned by simple spelling and grammar mistakes. Show that you have an attention to detail as well as strong written communication skills with a polished, professional-sounding resume free from errors. A letter (or word) added or deleted can change the whole impact of what you are saying. Don’t just rely on spell check as it may not catch every mistake. The word may not be spelled incorrectly but may not be the word you intended to use. Ask a friend or family member to carefully read through things for you and catch anything you may have missed.

While you may not have years of experience under your belt, prove that your education along with the experience that you do have make you a strong contender and worth interviewing. If you’re struggling to find your strengths or present them in an impactful way, contact the team at Chic Resumes. We can assist you in maximizing your education, abilities, and achievements to make a positive impression. To get started today, call (803) 831-7444 or email