While volunteering can be a great way to give back and get involved in the community, it can also lead to personal gains. Not only can you support others and improve their lives, you simultaneously do the same for yourself. Volunteering can have a positive impact on your resume and enhance your job search efforts.

Improves Skills. If you are a whiz with computers, an ace at marketing, or great with people, put your skills to use! Using your talents in a different setting outside the office can help you to refine your skills and even gain new ones. You gain a broader perspective of how these abilities apply to different situations and can see your hard work pay off.

In addition, organizations will often train volunteers in different activities that they need done. If you are a little rusty, or looking to try your hand at something different, step up and take the challenge. Many times you will gain transferable skills that are valuable to many aspects of your life and career.

Opens Doors to New Options. If you are thinking about switching careers, volunteering is a great way to explore your options. Find organizations that align with what you think you might want to do. Spending time helping out can give you deeper insight into the industry and the types of roles you could fulfill.

You may find that it is right up your alley and can picture yourself being happy in a new field, or, you could discover that it is not exactly what you thought and you want to keep looking. If it is something you are interested in, your volunteer experience gives you a foot in the door and is something you can include on your resume that supports your abilities. You can become more familiar with the skills and information you will need to know, as well as make professional connections.

Fills in Gaps. If you are between jobs, volunteering is an ideal way to fill this time and show employers that you are dedicated to staying busy and enhancing your skills. Try to find a position that aligns with the type of work you are looking for. This will show your commitment and help keep you up-to-date in the field. While it does not always make up for a gap in employment, it shows employers that you were doing something productive, and it supports your chances of landing a job.

Networking. Part of landing a job is who you know. Expanding your network and connecting with other professionals can help you to get an edge. They may inform you about job openings that they know of, introduce you to others in the field, or provide a strong reference. Through volunteering you can meet people that otherwise you might never have known. You never know when you will make a strong impression on someone and they will help you find a lead. Consider everyone you meet a potential employer.

Employers value candidates who are involved with nonprofits and offer their time and skills. It shows that they are well-rounded and believe in giving back. If you are an active volunteer, let Chic Resumes by Grammar Chic help you to highlight your experience to support your goals. Contact us today at 803-831-7444 or by visiting www.chicresumes.com to learn more.