There has been a lot of talk recently in the job seeker world regarding the true worth of resumes—and cover letters. A recent article from Fast Company even suggested that the “traditional” resume and cover letter “need to die.” Another report from The Globe and Mail leads many job seekers to believe that social media has swiftly replaced the cover letter and resume expectations of employers.

Chic Resumes understands that in a changing world of globalized employment and a fluctuating job market that there will always be transitions in the way that people apply for work. However, in defense of the resume—we highlight just a few reasons why the resume and cover letter are not likely to disappear anytime soon.

  • Resumes Are Tried and True

One argument that the Fast Company article makes is that the resume is old—and that is why it should “die.” We know it’s an old concept dating back centuries—we even created an infographic to detail this history. However, the fact that it is old does not mean that the resume is dying. Resumes, instead, are likely in a period of growth and transition. Resumes are a tried and true practice that plays a crucial role in creating a connection between job seekers and employers. As such, let’s not put resumes into retirement so fast.

  • Resumes Matter in Applicant Tracking Systems

Many companies, particularly large corporations, rely on Applicant Tracking Systems—a one-stop (and sometimes detailed) platform that streamlines the application process and checks that candidates meet certain position criteria before they are passed onto actual hiring managers.

Although many ATS platforms require individuals to fill out a myriad of unique forms, a clear resume can be a great guide to ensuring that a job seeker makes it through the system. In addition, uploading a resume and cover letter into these application platforms can give some employers a boost over their competitors pushing through the same system. If a job applicant uses current and relevant keywords on their resume, there is a greater chance that they will get passed on to the hiring party with a higher rate of approval.

  • Resumes and Cover Letter Packages Add That Personal Touch

Recently, many individuals have tried to upstage their competitors with visually-enticing resumes. While this may work for some positions, such as creative ones, generating a color-clad, atypical resume may not work great for those trying to land jobs in the finance, health or any other corporate industry. Still, there are ways for job seekers to add a personal touch to their job application.

While many job seekers are likely to send their cover letters and resumes directly to an email (possibly to be ignored), it can sometimes help to send physical documents to the recruiter or hiring manager. When printed on crisp resume paper, job seekers are not only able to make a personal impression on a potential employer, but also demonstrate an air of professionalism.

  • Cover Letters Explain What The Resume Cannot

Formatting a resume is tough, especially when one is trying to include all the right descriptions relevant to the desired job. Sometimes, in editing a resume, job seekers can gain anxiety about employment gaps and other elements that may raise questions for whoever is reviewing the application.

Fortunately, a bold, personalized cover letter addressed to the hiring manager can be a great way to help answer those questions—and further the personal connection between the applicant and the employer.

Bring Your Resume and Cover Letter Back to Life

If you have believed that the resume and cover letter have died and have yet to find success in your job search—do not worry. The professional resume writing team at Chic Resumes understands how to improve current resumes and create new ones from scratch. Through a one-on-one discussion and a review of your work history, our writers will be able to get in touch with your skills and your goals to craft a polished resume and cover letter to advance your job search. Start today by contacting us at (803) 831-7444 or