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To follow up on our last part regarding how to approach the “worst jobs” when drafting a resume, Chic Resumes is ready to take a positive spin and focus on the “Best Jobs of 2014” as deemed by CareerCast’s 26th annual ranking.

Having a Best Job is a Great Thing

If you find that your career is ranked among the top professions of the Best Jobs of 2014 list, you may feel like you have arrived—there is no need for a resume, because you have accomplished everything. Still, with a satisfying job, great pay and widespread recognition, one should never rest on his or her laurels; instead, having a “best job” should serve as motivation to improve an already great situation.

Whether you are searching to take on a higher role within your company or achieve a greater salary, focusing on the qualities that make your job one of the “best” is important when revising a resume. In fact, having a “best job”—such as software engineer or statistician—can provide a great opportunity to boost your professional brand.

Focusing on your job during times when they play an important role in the economy can give you the options to take on additional accomplishments in your career. Perhaps you want to teach a class, write a book or introduce a new concept to your industry. Whatever your goals, you will not get there unless you have recognition.

Having a respected profession is the first step to gaining industry recognition, but building a personal brand is also a major factor. As such, if you have a top career of 2014, now is the time to bring your resume to current standards, such as uploading it to LinkedIn and interacting with like-minded professionals online.

Trying to Get the Best Job?

While some Americans may be satisfied in their career choice, and possibly have even made the “best jobs” list, many professionals want to take on a new job. A recent report from Forbes suggests many of the best jobs of 2014 were not only the fastest growing, but also the highest paying—marking significant incentives for current students and job seekers.

Those who want to join the growing industries found on the list may find that it is time to upgrade their resume. However, when a career is marked as one of the best, the job market can get competitive. For this reason, it is crucial for job seekers to have a flawless resume. Fortunately, individuals can get an idea of what skills and education they need to possess to amplify their resume and take their career to the next step.

A Resume For Top-Level Professionals

Believe it or not, just because one has a leading career, does not mean that he or she has a perfect resume; it does mean, however, that the perfect resume can be built. Chic Resumes offers senior-level executive resume packages that detail long careers and high positions. With our professional assistance, those with the “best jobs” can feel confident in their career and how they represent their progress on paper.

Whether you hope to have one of the best jobs or are currently at the top level, Chic Resumes is ready to help. Our professional resume writers will get to know your skills inside and out in order to produce an impressive resume that may help take your career even further. Find out how to get started today by contacting our team at (803) 831-7444 or