Back-to-SchoolSchool is back in session across the country, but there are still many districts and universities scrambling to fill vacancies. They want to find high quality educators capable of helping students thrive. A well-crafted resume can not only demonstrate your passion, but also your ability to make a difference. As an educator, keeping your resume up-to-date is important because metrics and buzzwords change and you never know when your ideal position will open up. But how can educators make their resume stand out and grab positive attention?

Metrics: Education can be very much a numbers game at times. With hype about pay for performance, teachers want to be sure that they have measurable results to show. Make use of your rigorous data collection by highlighting improvements in test results and performance.

Collaboration: Curriculum building relies on not only grade-level collaboration, but also vertical collaboration. How have you worked with other staff to achieve results? How have you incorporated them into your classroom and lessons to support growth from students? What has your PLC done to drive results and improve learning? Were you a leader on the team?

Continued Learning: Professional development is key. Keep a list of courses you have attended and any certifications or licenses earned. Devote a section on your resume for these accomplishments – especially ones directly related to the type of position you seek. Make it a point to stay active and show your continued drive to become a more effective teacher and remain current with the latest trends.

Buzzwords: You probably hear them time and again in meetings and educational materials. Differentiated learning, 21st century skills, technology integration, curriculum design, Common Core standards, behavior support, the list goes on. Stay abreast of what words are currently trending and read through job openings to see what strengths employers are seeking. Integrate these words into your summary of qualifications, core competencies, and content.

Awards & Recognition: Take pride in any honors you have won or recognition achieved. This further emphasizes a job well done and shows that your work was noticed by administrators and other team members. It can also demonstrate your leadership skills.

Communication: This encompasses many aspects of teaching. Not only are you continually collaborating and discussing with fellow teachers, support staff, and administration, you also need to keep open lines of communication with parents and students. How do you ensure that everyone is on the same page and disseminate essential information? How do you deal with parent or student concerns? What are you doing to support struggling learners?

All of these elements and more come into play when you are being evaluated for a job. Your resume is your opportunity to show what makes you an exceptional educator and make employers want to find out more. Make sure that you have a portfolio on hand as well to show examples of your work and further support your candidacy. Contact Chic Resumes to polish up your resume and make your well-rounded capabilities and achievements shine. Call (803) 831-7444 or email to get started.