bigstock-Resume-concept-in-word-tag-clo-36378274For professionals who have been in the workforce for a number of years, their first job may be irrelevant to where they are now in their career. They have held positions with greater responsibilities and more advanced skills that better reflect their current abilities. However, for developing young professionals, these experiences can make an impact on their resume and still hold value. Here’s why:

  • Professionalism

While your education shows that you have the skills and knowledge necessary for the job, including jobs you held during college, or perhaps even high school, it can show that you also have experience working in a professional setting. It shows that you are responsible and can take direction and work as part of a team to benefit a company.

  • Communication

Whether you were working in retail, food services, or an office setting, you are sure to have gained experience interacting with customers and colleagues. Highlight how you assisted customers, worked through problems, recommended improvements, or collaborated as a team. This reflects your ability to communicate, problem solve, and make decisions.

  • Leadership

If you were in charge of any projects or assignments, include these examples along with their results. Training new employees or co-workers on various skills also demonstrates your leadership and mastery of procedures. Though it may not seem that important, showcasing how you stepped up in your role and made a difference can demonstrate your potential. It shows that you welcome challenges, are supportive of colleagues, and are able to take the lead on assignments and achieve results.

  • Time Management

Balancing work and studies can be a challenge, but holding down a job while in school can reveal valuable time management skills. You were able to prioritize tasks and ensure that everything got done on time. Include instances where your timeliness paid off and led to positive outcomes.

Transferable Skills

These are all transferable skills that can convey your potential to an employer. Although you may not have a great deal of experience under your belt, capitalize on the experience that you do have by allowing it to portray your strengths and abilities. Employers recognize that new graduates and entry-level employees may not have a significant amount of relevant experience but are still interested in seeing what they have accomplished. Volunteer experience and participation in school organizations can also provide solid examples that demonstrate your abilities and achievements.

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