New Year's Resolution: Better JobWith the hustle and bustle of the holidays, some job seekers may decide to wait until the New Year to resume their search efforts. However, keeping your resume sharp and maximizing job search efforts throughout the holidays could pay off. Many businesses take little time off and continue working as normal which means they’re still in the hiring process and looking for qualified applicants. Here are a few reasons to consider boosting your efforts during the holidays rather than letting them lag:

Employers are looking to fill positions before the New Year. Come January 1, companies want to be ready to start the New Year off strong. This means filling lingering vacancies or positions of people they know will be leaving. Businesses many realize they have money left in their budget for a new position and want to fill it before their funds get cut or reallocated since they were not used. This can be a prime time for job seekers to swoop in on openings. Keep checking back with companies you have your eye on as well as job boards for newly posted positions.

Other job seekers may be taking a break. Competition can be less fierce for openings because other job seekers are getting lax on their searches with the busyness of the holidays. They may not check for openings as frequently or respond to inquiries from employers. Make sure that you are available and are checking your phone and email for messages.

Parties are a valuable place to network. Social chatter often turns to jobs as people catch up on time gone by or get to know one another. You can casually bring up your job search or inquire if they know of any openings. Even just letting others know what you do can be a trigger for them when they happen to hear of a position. Work on building relationships and letting yourself be known. If you have established a positive rapport with others, it can support your chances of being referred for a job.

You never know who you will meet. Keep your resume up-to-date and ready to go. The same goes for your LinkedIn profile, personal website, or other platforms. You never know when a job opportunity may arise. If someone should ask you to send them your resume, you don’t want to be scrambling to pull something together at the last minute. This also increases your risk of making careless errors and not sending them a resume that strongly reflects your abilities and accomplishments.

Use the holidays as motivation to keep pushing ahead with your job search. While others may be slacking off, stay alert and continue to apply for positions and refine your resume. For a more complete package, also have your cover letter and thank you notes ready to be tweaked for different opportunities. Let Chic Resumes help you make the most of your efforts by ensuring that you have a polished, professional resume that is ready for distribution. Contact Chic Resumes for help with resumes of all levels, cover letters, and thank you notes. To get started, call (803) 831-7444 or email