It’s not enough to just have a resume anymore. While they are still an essential part of the job application process, employers are taking advantage of society’s engagement with technology to recruit and screen applicants. They’re turning to social media, Internet searches, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn to learn more. If you don’t have an online presence – and a positive one at that – you’re only hurting your chances.

Your resume and LinkedIn profile can go hand-in-hand to gain attention from hiring managers. But it’s important that you make use of the various features available on LinkedIn to put your best foot forward. Here are a few areas to take advantage of:

  • Skills Section

Whereas you want to keep the core competencies section on your resume fairly concise and targeted, you have more freedom on LinkedIn because you’re not restricted by space; however, there is a limit of 50 skills that can be listed. Add skills that are relevant to the positions you seek, and also those that show your diverse capabilities.

You can also get others to endorse your skills which shows additional support for your abilities. Skills are then listed with those being most highly endorsed first.

  • Attachments & Links

Under each job listing, there is the opportunity to upload documents, photos, or other media, or add hyperlinks. Link to online publications or portfolios or other examples of your work. This will further support the achievements you have highlighted on your resume.

  • Create Content

Similar to other social media sites, LinkedIn allows you to share articles with your connections. Be strategic and post articles from industry or thought leaders, and those about up-and-coming trends or topics in your vertical. You can also publish your own content. Write articles about issues that interest you and show your professional knowledge and insight.

Start following other thought leaders, businesses, and organizations that are relevant as well. You can stay-up-to-date on industry news and learn more about what’s happening with companies you may want to work for.

  • Build Connections

Start with family, friends, and colleagues, then continue to grow your network of connections. Connections come in varying degrees depending on how you know each other. You never know when you and a recruiter or potential employer will have a connection in common. This could help to improve your chances of landing an interview or getting your foot in the door.

You can also ask for recommendations from people you know to validate your experience and accomplishments. Don’t forget to return the favor and recommend others as well!

Of course, as you update your resume, don’t forget to update LinkedIn and vice versa. While these documents don’t have to be identical, they should be a close match so it doesn’t raise any red flags about the information you’re providing. Grammar Chic offers LinkedIn uploading as a complementary service with every resume package so you can feel more confident that your online profile and hard copy match. Let us help you update your resume and LinkedIn today; call (803) 831-7444 or email