For many people, finding a new job takes time. A general rule of thumb is to allow one month of job searching for each $10,000 in salary expected. So someone aiming for a $50K/year job may find that it takes five months or more to land a new position. This can be incredibly frustrating for not only the job seeker, but also for you as a loved one. No one wants to see people they care about struggle.

So how you can be more supportive during their search?

  1. Offer positive feedback. It can be hard for the person to see past their own self-criticism. As they’re updating their resume or searching for new jobs, remind them of some of the things that they do really well, such as managing complex projects, de-escalating tense situations, negotiating tough sales, or coming up with innovative solutions on the spot. Bring up past accomplishments they may have since forgotten about or overlooked as being important. It can be difficult to see the good things in oneself, so sometimes feedback from others can help.
  2. Just listen. Avoid the temptation to constantly ask how their job search is going or recommend solutions to their problems. They’re likely beating themselves up enough about it on their own. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply listen. Let them vent their frustrations without giving your two cents or trying to solve things for them. They might feel better after just getting it off their chest so then they can move on.
  3. Help them network. Talk to people in your own circle to see if they have any job leads. Introduce your loved one to some of your connections if you feel the person may be beneficial in their search. Offer to attend networking events with them so they feel more comfortable and aren’t anxious about going alone.
  4. Stay positive. While job searching can be a full-time job, encourage your loved one to take regular breaks so they don’t get burned out. Have dinner together and watch a movie or favorite tv show, go to a free concert in the park, or take a walk around your favorite part of town. Help them to get their mind off of things for a while by doing something they enjoy.
  5. Encourage professional help. If their job search is dragging on without much luck, they may need to change their approach. Hiring a professional resume writer to revamp their resume and cover letter can make a big difference and reinvigorate their search. They may also want to talk to a career coach or counselor about other things they can be doing to land interviews, network, or find jobs that might be a good fit.

A new resume can be a worthwhile investment because it can position job seekers in a more positive light and better align with what applicant tracking systems (ATS) are looking for thereby improving their chances of landing an interview. Contact Grammar Chic today to learn more about our resume packages and how they can make a difference. Call (803) 831-7444 or email to get started.