Woman handing over resume at meeting.

You’ve submitted your resume but where does it go? The hope is into the hands of a hiring manager. It will probably pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS) first, but not always. In either case, the hiring manager is one more step in the process of getting closer to a job offer. They review dozens of applications and meet with those applicants that they feel might be the one for the job. So what are some things that hiring managers wish you knew?

  1. They want to hire you.

Hiring managers are not out to get you – they’re looking for reasons why you’re the one they should choose. You want your resume to stand out for good reasons rather than because you were careless and it was littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. A hiring manager’s goal is to find a person that not only fits the job, but also the company and has the knowledge, enthusiasm, and personality they’re looking for.

  1. They want to see that you are sincerely interested in their business.

Hiring managers can tell when you’ve simply applied for any opening you can find. Taking the time to tailor your resume to the job description and research the company prior to an interview shows initiative and interest. Being able to relate your experience to areas where you could benefit the company can help hiring managers to better picture you in the role. It also shows that you have given thought to where you fit in and what the company’s needs are.

  1. They want you to ask questions.

Interviews go both ways. Not only is the hiring manager asking you questions, you should be asking them questions as well. This goes along the same lines as showing your interest. Just as your resume does not detail every skill or accomplishment you may have, the job description doesn’t always fully elaborate on the details of the position or company either. Come to an interview armed with questions that are insightful and will help you gain a better understanding of what your role would be. Find out where the company is headed and how you will be an integral part of its success.

  1. First impressions mean a lot.

Your resume should be polished and professional. It should highlight what you bring to the table, your accomplishments, and how you can make a difference. While you may be confident that you are qualified, your resume must convey this to the hiring manager. Your first face-to-face or phone interview counts for a lot as well. Dress the part and carry yourself with confidence. Sound assured of your answers but be yourself. Also, be polite and respectful to everyone you interact with from the receptionist to the hiring manager to people you pass along the way.

  1. Their decision is based on more than your experience.

While your resume and qualifications are a very important part of the hiring process, they are not the only thing that matters. Hiring managers are also paying attention to how you conduct yourself and your communication skills as well. They’re checking up on you through references and social media. Make sure that you are presenting yourself in the best light. The most qualified person isn’t always the one to get the job – it’s the one who encompasses everything they are looking for and shows the drive and determination to succeed and make a difference.

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