There are a lot of people who are great writers, but that doesn’t mean they’re great at writing resumes. Everyone has their own strengths, and it’s important to know when to do something on your own and when to leave it in the hands of someone with more knowledge and experience. A poorly written resume can lead to a longer job search and potentially cost you opportunities that you would have been a strong fit for.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

  • There are a lot of formatting options.

Doing a quick Internet search for resume formats will yield a plethora of results. It can be overwhelming to see all of the options and styles available. However, not all resumes are created equal. Some formats may look nice, but they’re not very effective when it comes to getting through applicant tracking systems or presenting your information in a clear, easily understood manner.

A professional resume writer understands current trends and best practices. They know which sections to include and which ones to leave off. They steer clear of fancy fonts, graphics, and text boxes that will likely be stripped away by computer systems reading resumes anyway.

  • You’re up against applicant tracking systems.

Speaking of computer systems, most companies use applicant tracking systems or ATS to do an initial review of resumes and find the ones that are the best match. Employers can enter a variety of parameters they want the system to search by, and if your resume doesn’t match up, it will be passed over.

A professional resume writer knows how to effectively incorporate keywords into your resume that align it with a specific industry or position. They know how to format your resume to work with ATS, not against them. This can enhance your chances of making it through to the next round and potentially an interview.

  • It’s hard to view yourself objectively.

It can be difficult to talk about yourself and your experiences. Thinking about your job, you’re probably running down a laundry list of responsibilities you have. But that’s not what employers want to see. They want to know how you’ve made a difference, what your accomplishments are, and what value you can bring to their company. It’s all about action- and results-oriented statements.

A professional resume writer knows what questions to ask to learn more about your strengths and achievements. They can sift through irrelevant details and zero in on the information employers want to know. They also know how to position you for the types of roles you’re pursuing rather than creating a generic, catch-all resume.

Don’t you want to put your resume in the hands of someone who can help you get ahead in your career and increase your chances of landing a job you love? Why spend countless hours stressing over how to write your resume when you can work with a professional that already knows how? The team at Grammar Chic uses one-on-one phone consultations to gather all of the important details, then crafts a resume that is a perfect fit for you and your career goals. Stop wasting valuable time and contact us today at (803) 831-7444 or to get started.