Resume CompetenciesA resume and a cover letter will always be your best weapon to make a strong impression when applying for an actual job. However, it is also essential to use networking skills to your advantage to form important business connections, gain rapport with potential employers and find out if there are any jobs available in your area of expertise.

In a tight, competitive job market, networking is often touted as one of the most important practices for eager job seekers. After all, networking displays a knack for communication, branding and presentation. However, networking is not just a skill that will help you find jobs; it is a skill that many employers look for in potential hires. For this reason, it is important to not only network as you job search, but to make sure these abilities are pronounced throughout your resume and cover letter.

Using Word Choice to Imply Networking Ability

Typically, listing “networking” as a core competency is not always the most flattering way to impress a potential employer. However, using different words to convey your ability to form business relationships can be used instead. For instance, if you list “business relationship strategy” under your skills, you can still imply that you are—in fact—a keen networker.

Highlighting Networking Strengths in Job Responsibilities and Work History

Networking is just as important when you are hired as when you are unemployed. As such, employers will want to see that you have the potential to use networking to advance profits and perform at the highest level. You can do this by explaining specific strengths in your job responsibilities throughout your job history on a resume.

For example, if you managed—and retained—a number of business partners, clients and other important relationships, you should certainly specify that number. If possible, you may want to disclose top companies you have worked with, sold to or partnered with; the more recognizable the brand, the more potent your networking looks. In addition, a potential employer may find that if you have existing contacts with other top companies, you would make a valuable asset in a new role.

Never Discount Volunteer Activity on a Resume