If you’re planning on job hunting this year, there are a few major employment trends that you’ll want to know about and embrace. This knowledge will help you to hunt for a job more effectively and fight frustration as you go. When you’re in the market for a new employment opportunity, keep these major job hunting trends in mind:

Embrace the concept of working remotely

The idea of coming into an office and working 9-5 each day is becoming a thing of the past. More and more companies are realizing that a person can be a highly effective employee without sitting in the same room as their colleagues. As you search for a new job this year, don’t close yourself off to these kinds of opportunities. While it’s certainly not the norm, many people who work remotely find that they love it and actually get more done when they’re not in a traditional office setting.

Freelancing or contract work will dominate

If you’re considering a new job, don’t shut yourself off to the idea of freelancing or taking on contract work. While having a salary is comforting, it can also limit you. You get stuck doing one duty in one job every day. With freelancing, you have a bit more freedom about how you spend your time. If you’re okay with the riskier nature of freelancing, you may find that your work leaves you feeling much more fulfilled than it would if you were simply moving down a list of tasks assigned by your boss.

Your social media platforms matter

In years past, hiring was all about the skills you had and the experience you’d acquired. These things still matter, but employers are also taking a closer look at who that applicant is outside of the office. This means that social media platforms can play a major role in whether you get a job or not.  If you’re job hunting, you’ll want to carefully scrutinize how you come across on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other platform.

Always assume that a potential employer can see anything you post on social media, regardless of the privacy settings you think you’ve put into place. It’s okay to have a personality on these sites, but you should never post content that could be construed as offensive, degrading, or otherwise distasteful. Post with care so that your social media platforms don’t hurt your appeal as you search.

Understand that you should always be looking

Regardless of how confident or happy you feel in your current job, you should always have a sense of what kinds of other opportunities are out there. Employment situations can change quickly, and you may have to be job hunting even if you had no intention of doing so. When you know what the market looks like and what kinds of skills are required, you’re able to adjust easily and get back into the hunt seamlessly.

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