Whether you are actively seeking a job or not, it is always a good idea to keep your resume up-to-date. You never know when a great opportunity might come along, or when you might find yourself in the midst of a search. Having your resume updated, polished, and ready to go means one less thing that you need to worry about. Your resume is a fluid document that changes over time and should reflect your current situation.

Not sure if your resume needs a facelift? Here are a few telltale signs:

1. You are looking for a new job.

This is one of the most obvious signs that your resume could use some revisions. You want to show potential employers what you have accomplished and why you are a good fit. If you have been at your current job for a while, it may not be listed on your resume at all, or your responsibilities and accomplishments may have changed. Update your resume to showcase your most recent position and skills.

2. You are switching careers.

If you are switching careers, updating your resume is a must. You need to tailor the content to where you are headed. Include any new degrees or courses that are relevant to the position you are seeking. Also focus on transferable skills that will support you in this transition. Oftentimes there are overlapping traits that can carry through from one position to the next and show a solid foundation.

3. You acquired new skills.

Whether you earned a new degree or certification, completed professional development courses, or learned how to use a new program or machine at work, it can prove valuable. Take the time to include this on your resume before you forget. With busy schedules and increasing responsibilities, these things can be overlooked. Even if it does not seem like much at the time, it could be something that gives you an edge in the future.

4. You achieved new accomplishments.

Just finished a big project at work? Add it to your resume. Highlight your role and the results that it led to. Think in terms of results- or action-oriented descriptions. This can show employers what you are capable of and can bring to their company.

The same goes for awards or recognitions. Indicate that you recently received a promotion or were a top performer. Be proud of what you have accomplished and let it work to your advantage.

5. You have outdated work history.

Ideally your resume should reflect the past 10 years of employment. Anything beyond that can be included as “additional experience” or left off all together. Recounting every detail of the last 20 years can make your resume lose impact as it becomes too long and drawn out. Focus on the most relevant and beneficial information that highlights your strengths and accomplishments.

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