Jobless manIf you feel that you have a strong resume but it is not generating much feedback or attention, it could be because you are unintentionally sending the wrong impression. Small details can make a big difference. They way you see your resume may not be the same way potential employers see it. Here are some details to be on the lookout for:

1. Your resume is not at the same level as your experience. If you are claiming to be a senior-level professional, your accomplishments should reflect this. Make sure that each statement and bullet point is high level and accurately demonstrates your abilities. This is where details matter. While you want to avoid being too verbose, you also don’t want to downplay your role. Find a happy medium that shows the level of your work and advanced skills and how they are applied.

The same goes for other experience levels as well. If you are a mid-level professional still using the same resume as when you graduated from college, employers are probably viewing you from an entry-level perspective. Make sure to continually update your resume as you assume more responsibilities and complete more complex tasks. Maintain current metrics that reflect your most recent accomplishments.

2. Your resume has typos. Spelling errors can be a big turnoff and in some cases change the meaning of what you were trying to say. Adding, deleting, or changing just a single letter can create a new word and not necessarily the one you were going for. This can also make you look careless in your work because you did not take the time to thoroughly review. Employers expect their employees to have top notch communication skills and to represent the company in a positive light. If your resume has typos, they will probably assume that your professional work and emails will as well. It is not enough just to use spell check. Have others review your resume as well to catch any errors you may have missed.

3. Your resume has an outdated format or information. Still using an objective and skipping out on core competencies? This can show that you have not kept up with more recent trends and are not on point with current standards. Including details such as hobbies and non-relevant personal information can also be a turnoff. In addition, using an informal email address can detract from professionalism and send the wrong message as well. Make sure that your resume has a crisp, clean look and is easy to read. All of your contact information should be accurate and professional.

Before you send off your resume for your dream job, make sure that it is a positive reflection of not only your accomplishments and abilities, but of you. The team at Chic Resumes can help you to identify areas of improvement and strengthen the impression that you are making on employers by crafting a polished, professional resume that accurately emphasizes your qualifications. Refresh and revitalize your resume today by contacting Chic Resumes at (803) 831-7444 or

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