As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, there is a lot of controversy around vaccines and vaccine mandates. Different companies have different requirements and expectations for their employees. For job seekers on the hunt for new opportunities, this brings up the question of whether vaccination status should be included on your resume.

In some instances, it could work to your advantage letting a potential employer know that you have been vaccinated and could work in an office or around others. However, it could also work as a disadvantage depending on the company’s stance or issues around discrimination based on vaccine status.

A Legal Debate

There are still a lot of questions around the legality of asking employees whether they have been vaccinated or requiring them to do so. Companies are still figuring out how to develop and implement policies that are fair and legally enforceable. Until these issues are worked out, it raises red flags around potential discrimination – which can go both ways. By openly stating your vaccination status, you open yourself up to these risks. You never know who is reading your resume and what their opinion on the matter is.

A Private Decision

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. Much like you keep your political affiliation off of your resume, it can be a good idea to do the same with your vaccine status since it is surrounded by so much controversy. You want an employer to be looking at your qualifications for the job outside of simply whether you are vaccinated or not.

To further reduce potential discrimination, it can be a good idea to keep your social media activity private as well, especially if you post opinions about the vaccine, vaccine mandates, or other such issues. Review your privacy settings around who can see what you share. It is especially important to keep this information off of LinkedIn, since that tends to be much more public as it is used professionally.

Do Your Research

There is a wealth of information available online. You may be able to find whether or not a company requires the COVID-19 vaccine, or what their policies are for employees as far as being vaccinated or undergoing regular testing. Policies can also vary depending on the position within the company, such as being a frontline worker regularly interacting with the public, versus someone with less interaction with others or who can work remotely.

Take it on a case-by-case basis and weigh your decision carefully. Consider the type of company and environment you want to work in and whether vaccination status is a deal breaker for you, no matter which side you are on. Your own status is something that you can disclose in private should you be asked.

You never know who is reading your resume, or what their stance on vaccinations is, so keeping your status off of your resume is recommended unless absolutely necessary. Don’t let one word on your resume – vaccinated or unvaccinated – become the focus and detract from all that you have to offer. Grammar Chic can help you make your abilities and accomplishments stand out and position you for the roles you want to pursue. Contact us at (803) 831-7444 or to get started.