While you want your resume to come off sounding professional and business-like, you also don’t want it to be too stiff and awkward. There is a fine balance that exists in the language you use. Giving it a touch of personality and human voice can make it more relatable and give hiring managers a better sense of who you are. As you read through your resume, consider the following adjustments for a more attractive impression:

Use Conversational Language

This does not mean that you should be casual and unprofessional. It means that you should consider how you speak when talking to others and let your resume reflect that. If you are using big, fancy words that you hardly know what they mean and you would never use otherwise, it can become a disconnect when you go for an interview. Also, use technical jargon sparingly. You never know who will be reading your resume or how familiar with these terms they are. While you want to throw in some industry-specific terminology, avoid making things too complex.

Tailor it to the Job Opening

A resume that is too broad and generic lacks flare. It could be applicable to many positions, so it doesn’t really exemplify why you are a great fit for the specific one you are applying to. Demonstrating key achievements that align with what employers are looking for gives you more of a connection and showcases your abilities. It also shows that you took the time to do your research and read the opening carefully.

Don’t use a Template

Using a template can detract from the impression that your resume makes. It looks very formulaic and does not help you to stand out from the countless others who may have pulled the same template. Create a clean document in Word that is free of tell-tale boxes and grids where you just plugged your information in. Use horizontal lines, bolding, and clear section headers for a fresh, easy-to-read style portraying your own history and skills.

Add your LinkedIn Link

Your LinkedIn profile is a great platform to elaborate on your resume and add more personal touches. You can link to projects and articles, show endorsements from other professionals, and reinforce the image your resume conveys. Adding a link to your resume makes it easier for employers to connect and shows that you are up-to-date with more current trends.

Have others read your resume to give feedback on areas that are unclear or may come across as too rigid or complex. The hiring manager reviewing your resume may or may not be from your field, so you want to make sure that no matter who is reading it, you are presenting a professional, easily understood image of yourself and your abilities. Let Chic Resumes help you add a personal touch to your resume while still highlighting your strongest accomplishments and skills. To schedule your professional rewrite today, contact Chic Resumes by calling (803) 831-7444 or emailing resumewriting@grammarchic.net.