resume crumpled

When writing your resume you have a lot to think about. What are the skills that you use on a daily basis? How have you positively impacted your company? What font should you use? Is Comic Sans really off limits? (The answer, for the record, is yes). Given all of these things going through your mind when you are putting together your resume, it can be easy to overlook some of the simplest and most important aspects of crafting a great document.

To help you stay focused and ensure that your resume is as polished and professional as possible, go down the following list of common resume blunders to ensure that you aren’t falling victim to any of these popular gaffes.

  1. Choosing a font that is difficult to read. Remember that your resume needs to be legible both on the computer screen and on paper. Pick a clean, easy to read font such as Calibri or Times New Roman that will allow potential employers to focus on what you have to say—not on how difficult the content is to read.
  2. Failing to tailor the resume to the job at hand. Taking the time to target the core competencies, summary, and other sections of your resume to the job for which you are applying is a must. This extra five minutes of work can show that you are aware of the expectations of the position and that you have the right qualifications to fill it.
  3. Skipping the editing phase. Writing your resume is just the first step in creating a polished, effective document. After the writing is done, edit the resume. If you feel as though you are too close to it, take an hour or two away from the document and come back to it with fresh eyes. You will be amazed at how much this can help you to pinpoint grammatical errors, typos, and ambiguities.

Ultimately, your resume is a representation of who you are as a professional. This is the document that will introduce you to potential employers and create their first impression of your capabilities. Why leave such an important task up to chance? Call the professional resume writers at Grammar Chic, Inc. today at (803) 831-7444 for more information!

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