5-tips-to-use-twitter-to-rebrand-yourself-if-youre-switching-careersThe job market is always changing and it is essential that job seekers keep pace. With a new year also comes a shift in how employers are looking to fill open positions. What was effective last year may not be enough this year. There is competition to find the most qualified candidates and job seekers must be at the top of the game. Making sure that their resume is not only polished and ready-to-go, but also up-to-date with recent trends can make a difference.

A stronger emphasis on online presence – ramp up your LinkedIn profile

The Internet has put information at our fingertips 24/7. Employers use this to their advantage as they search for and review applicants. Your hardcopy resume should be the basis for your LinkedIn profile, but you should also be adding more. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to add links and upload files to further demonstrate your skills, experience, and accomplishments. Build out your portfolio and give employers access to documents that you feel best support your qualifications.

Having a strong online resume through LinkedIn can also increase your attractiveness to employers. Many will use this platform as a resource to seek out qualified professionals and recruit for open positions. With a current and polished presence that reflects you in a positive light, it can make your job search easier because employers can find you when you are a strong match.

Less focus on you and more on the company – tailoring for each job is key

While your resume is about you, it should focus on what you will bring to your next employer. They are interested in seeing how you can make a difference and will be a good fit. Consider what their needs are and the nature of their business. Clearly communicate your value and relevant skills and experience. Demonstrate that you can achieve results and give them solid reasons for wanting to interview you. Get to know the business, the industry, and how you can address some of their pain points.

Proven track record of advancement

With a stronger job market, employers are becoming more selective in finding just the right applicant. They aren’t necessarily as attracted to someone who has been stagnant in their career. They want to see that you have assumed greater responsibility, taken initiative, and are up-to-date on the latest skills and best practices. It is not usual for job seekers to have held several positions in the past and make career moves that help them to advance. Show this advancement and how you have grown and improved.

Your resume is a fluid document that should change along with you. Steer clear of outdated templates, meaningless objectives, and repetitive information. Make your resume clear, crisp, and engaging. Your resume is just the start of landing a job, but it should be a solid step that catapults you in the right direction. Let Chic Resumes help you freshen up your resume for the New Year and remain competitive in the job market. Call (803) 831-7444 or email resumewriting@grammarchic.net to get started today.