In today’s tight job market, employers have the opportunity to put job candidates to the test—looking for qualifications that may extend beyond standard job skills and work experience. It is common for hiring managers to choose one candidate over another because he or she possessed more passion for their career and the job opportunity at hand.

As such, job seekers should look for chances to express that they “love what they do” and want to commit to it 100 percent. Cover letters, and even resumes, can be a great place to hint at that passion before the employer even speaks with the candidate during an interview, allowing the individual to get a head start of the competition.

Why Passion Matters in a Job Search

Many may wonder: if you love what you do, why would you be looking for another job? However, resumes are designed to show career growth, not necessarily to focus on how a professional excelled at just one employer. These crucial documents allow employers to get the whole picture of a job applicant, and detect if they have maintained a sense of passion throughout their entire career. Here are just a few reasons employers will want to choose someone who loves their career skills and the work they do with them:

  • Passionate employees tend to take more personal pride in their work, meaning greater results and higher profits.
  • Individuals who love their jobs and are hired into a position that is “the right fit” are less likely to search for a “better opportunity.” Lower turnover rates are a great comfort to employers.
  • Job seekers that care about what they do are more likely to look at their career—and industries—in the long term. This passion can indicate that an employee is able to make it through potential “rough periods” that may be caused by internal or external factors.

How to Show Passion on Your Resume

While resumes are not necessarily the most personal documents, there are great opportunities for individuals to showcase that they love their career and the field they have chosen to work in. Some items on a resume that can highlight this passion that are worth considering include:

  • Exceeding Expectations

For professionals that have held jobs where deadlines and quotas were part of their performance, it is essential to show this qualitative data on a resume. As an example, an individual who has continuously completed projects before deadlines can demonstrate passion; the desire to succeed is defined by his or her ability to plan ahead and beat the clock with effective results.

Another great example is outperforming colleagues in sales or exceeding quotas. If you do not work in a sales capacity, another option could be highlighting work you completed that helped increase profits by a certain percentage. As opposed to professionals who just “slide by,” those who demonstrate the ability to support forward growth will always gain favor from a potential employer.

  • Awards

If you have won an award—namely from your employer or an industry organization—you should never be shy about including this information on your resume. Awards not only reveal that you care about what you accomplish on the job, but also that superiors recognize these positive attributes. Employers reviewing your resume will pick up on that passion if you happen to shine brighter than your peers.

  • Volunteer Work

Volunteering is free labor and may not necessarily be involved with your previous employers—so why does it matter? If you choose to use your job skills as a contribution to society, it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to help others. Employers who recognize this experience may interpret it to mean that at the end of the day, you are looking for more than just a paycheck—you are looking to make a positive difference.

  • Continuing Education

Listing education on a resume is always important, as it will demonstrate that you have gained formal instruction in a particular area. However, it is also important to list educational efforts—especially those beyond the undergraduate level—as a way to show that you are passionate about career growth.

Completing outside training, gaining additional certifications, earning a master’s degree, or getting a doctorate are all great ways to show that you have maintained a focus on developing your career for the long haul. Employers will respect this extensive experience and find that by investing in you, they are investing in a professional who has cared enough to take his or her career to the next level.

Getting the Words Right to Show Passion

While these factors are all great to include, word choice and description can all make an impact on how passionate you are about taking career opportunities and making the most of them. Even with the right experience and the high level of passion, the wrong words on a cover letter or resume can turn a recruiter off.

If you know you have passion for your career but have trouble expressing it, turn to the professionals who are passionate about making resumes better. Chic Resumes is here to review job seeker experience and construct polished resumes. Our experienced team is also able to deliver exceptional cover letters that can show just the right amount of enthusiasm.

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