When it comes to the job hunt, one thing is certain among employers—they are looking for candidates that stand out. However, standing out is not always a surefire way to land an interview, as employers and computerized job searches will instantly weed out any resume that fails to meet the desired skills.

As the U.S. job market remains tight and competition remains high, many jobseekers are finding that it is necessary to get creative when crafting their resumes. Instead of handing in a “one-size-fits-all-resume,” many individuals are finding that having different types of resumes—such as those that focus on specific skill sets or industries—can bolster success in the job search.

Reasons You May Need Multiple Resumes

For those who have existed in the same job field for many years, it may not seem necessary to spin out specialized resume versions. However, those who may be failing to get interview calls back may find that perhaps there is a reason why a single resume is not the best approach:

  • Developing Professional

Those who are young or recent graduates may find that they have extensive employment history. Still, when listed on a resume, these experiences may look like a grab bag of skill sets. For employers, this may not only show a lack of direction, but it may also prove difficult to sift through relevant skills.

Any professional who is entertaining many different types of career paths can benefit from having multiple, specialized resumes. In most cases, crafting varied resumes for different types of opportunities may simply involve editing out experience that is not relevant. Simply put, if a resume does not flow well and play a part in the specific position you are applying for, it may be worth editing out a few unrelated items.  

  • Wide Breadth of Skills

In many careers, being cross-functional can be incredibly appealing to employers—such as those seeking management or executive roles. However, it is important to determine whether a certain job opening calls for every skill one has amassed over the years.

For instance, if a person with multiple skill sets is applying for a sales-centric position, it may be best to focus on all achievements and competencies that relate to the ability to bring in profit. Those crafting new resumes for a sales position might find it more useful to highlight how they boosted sales in previous jobs so that they stand out from the rest.

Professionals who carry extensive backgrounds may find that amplifying one or two skill areas—rather than blending them all together—might also help bring down the size of the resume, which can be appealing to recruiters scrutinizing piles of applications.

  • Taking on Leadership Roles

In some cases, professionals will be promoted by their current employer to move on into a leadership role—such as those who become managers, directors or executives. However, it is also important to note that many can move from a mid-level career to a senior management role by applying to work with a different employer.

While it is important to focus on cross-functional skill sets when applying for any type of leadership role, not every resume is prepared to showcase the ability to manage other employees. In these cases, upwardly-mobile professionals may want to create a separate resume that showcases their leadership strengths.

For example, these jobseekers may find that focusing on the size of teams managed, projects accomplished and programs developed throughout their career can help when applying for leadership and management positions.

Not Sure How to Craft Multiple Resumes?

Even if one has a solid resume in place, it can be difficult to edit, rearrange and create elements to develop a new resume for a specific position. Those who are looking to expand their resume capacity are invited to review our services at Chic Resumes. Our resume specialists have an in-depth knowledge of various industries and career types, providing our clients with the specialized results they may need.

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