hiredWhat do you get the person who seems to have everything? Holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other events can be challenging to buy for but you want to give something meaningful. Before you just send a check or gift card, consider another gift option that they could really benefit from: a new resume. It is something unique that they probably did not consider but would really appreciate.

  • Great for people of any age, level of experience, or point in their career

Whether they’re looking for their first job, switching careers, retired, or want to strive for a promotion, a professional resume can enhance their efforts. People just starting out in their career may not have a lot of experience yet and are unsure how to highlight the skills that will land them an interview. More experienced professionals may have difficulty showing the impact of the work they have done and how they would excel in a position of higher authority. Whatever their job search goals are, a professional resume can be tailored to meet these needs and show them as a strong contender.

  • Support someone in finding a job they’re satisfied with

We all know people who aren’t thrilled with the job they’re in and want something better. Or they’re unemployed and getting disheartened with their search. With a new resume, you’re helping them to better achieve these goals. Seeing their experience portrayed in a new light can give them the confidence and motivation they need to keep pushing forward. As they reflect on their own journey and accomplishments, it can inspire them to go after different opportunities.

  • Easily updated

Once their new resume is complete, it can be easily adjusted or updated. The bulk of the work is already done and they can simply make quick changes to add new experience or results and tailor it to the job opening. They’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that it is already formatted to appeal to hiring managers and recruiters and garner positive attention.

  • Can be bundled with a cover letter and thank you note for a comprehensive package

If you’re looking for the complete package, tie things up with a cover letter and thank you note as well. The cover letter can help to make a stronger first impression and inspire interest in moving on to read the resume to find out more. A thank you note is an attractive way to follow up after an interview and reiterate key points while showing gratitude for their time. Making that extra effort can help them to stand out in an interviewer’s mind over other applicants.

Show someone you care by giving them a gift that will benefit their future. The professionals at Chic Resumes make it easy by guiding resume clients through some memory-jogging questions, finding out what they’re most proud of, and targeting their strengths, accomplishments, and interests. Within just a few days, they’ll have a polished, professional resume that is ready to send out and support them in their job search. Contact Chic Resumes at (803) 831-7444 or email resumewriting@grammarchic.net to find out more and order the perfect package today.