1-introIn an effort to create an engaging resume that will catch an employer’s attention, sometimes job seekers get stuck on what to write. Your mind goes blank on anything of significance you did in your last job that makes you sound impressive, or you can’t think of relevant skills that may be applicable. Perhaps you are a new graduate and feel like, aside from your education, you don’t have much to offer. Regardless of your situation, falling victim to writer’s block can be stressful.

When you find yourself at a loss for what to say, consider the following:

  • Your resume doesn’t have to be a novel – nor should it be. You want to keep it clear and concise. Don’t try to add additional information just to make it look longer. If you have sufficiently covered your relevant experience and achievements, then let it be. Redundancy can make your resume sound boring and make it look like you are stretching for information. You can always go back and add new accomplishments as they occur or as you think of them.
  • Do a “brain dump” if you’re stuck. Think about the type of role you are applying for and what qualifications and experience are necessary. Then write down everything you can think of that you have done in these areas. It could include class projects, volunteer work, internships, or freelancing. Just because you did not get paid does not mean that you did not acquire valuable skills. Sort through what you have written and pull out those things that would be most attractive to an employer. Elaborate where possible to add more concrete evidence of results or impact.
  • Make the most of your education. If you are a new graduate who is lacking professional experience, capitalize on your education. Consider areas of concentrated study or any minors you have. Are there special projects you completed or research papers? Did you write a thesis? If any of your coursework overlapped with working with existing businesses or creating feasible products, this can be a valuable addition to your resume. Also think about leadership roles you may have assumed and how these could contribute.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard trying to make your resume look like it’s bursting with information. Overloading it with text can be a deterrent and make it more difficult to pick out your accomplishments and skills. Use a simple format with a standard font and break things up with bullet points. This will draw attention to each point.

If you are really stuck, talk to others within your industry and read job openings to trigger your memory. See if there is anything you can draw from to expand on your own experience and touch on key skills or abilities employers are looking for. Even if you think you have no experience, if you take the time to stop and think about everything you have done, you are sure to find applicable skills and projects. Think outside of the box. The team at Chic Resumes can help you to identify key strengths and experiences that will give your resume a boost and help you to improve your chances of landing an interview. Contact us today at (803) 831-7444 or resumewriting@grammarchic.net to get started and keep your job search moving forward.