Jobless manWith the rise and fall of the economy and the competitive nature of the job market, many job seekers are doing whatever they can to improve their chances of landing a job. While some of these efforts are beneficial, such as freshening up your wardrobe or preparing in advance for common interview questions, others detract from your chances of even being invited for an interview.

Your resume is often one of the first impressions that a potential employer gets of you. It is your moment to shine and portray your strongest qualifications and accomplishments that make you a great fit for the job. But in your attempt to show how you excel, it is important not to make yourself look desperate. Before you send out that next resume, check for the following:

  • Using big words to try to impress. While some business-related terminology is important to reflect your knowledge and experience, inflating your statements to sound more impressive can be a turn off. Clear, concise language is key. You want to sound educated but also consider what would be natural in conversation. If you wouldn’t use a word or phrase in an interview, don’t use it on your resume. Getting too complex can detract from your message and your accomplishments.
  • Listing every single detail of your job. Making your resume too broad can make it more difficult for employers to see how you fit into a particular role. You don’t need to list everything you have ever done. Focus on key points that show your value and skill. What makes you stand out as opposed to how are you the same as everyone else? Before you include something on your resume, make sure that it serves a clear purpose. While you may be a jack of all trades, why are you the best fit for the specific position you are applying for?
  • Lack of results. In your attempt to show your versatility, don’t leave out important details such as metrics that support the results you’ve achieved. It’s great that you streamlined operations, but what exactly did you do and how did it help the company? Make each statement pack a punch and demonstrate what you are capable of.
  • Too much emphasis on soft skills. Touting yourself as an effective leader, decision maker, or problem solver is great, but can you back up those claims? And what experience do you bring to the table? Your core competencies should incorporate a variety of hard skills that align with the job opening such as project management, computer programming, Web design, budgeting, or product development.

Although you may be desperate for a job and willing to do almost anything, you don’t want your resume to show this. You want it to be a focused and polished document that highlights your achievements and qualifications for a specific position. If your resume is scattered and does not paint a clear picture of what you have to offer, the team at Chic Resumes can help you get back on track. Update your resume today to reflect yourself as a professional and improve your chances of landing an interview. Contact Chic Resumes at (803) 831-7444 or by emailing