store employee behind registerFor new graduates and entry-level professionals, creating a resume can be challenging if they do not have much experience to fall back on. While they have taken all of the coursework and earned their degree, it is also important to show application of these skills. Internships can be a great way to highlight hands-on experience and show employers your potential.

When including an internship on your resume, you want to do more than just provide a generic list of responsibilities. This does not adequately convey what you accomplished and what you bring to future employers. Brainstorm a list of everything you did and prioritize them by importance. What stands out the most? What projects or skills align best with the type of job you are pursuing?

Focus on Major Projects

Concentrate on major projects that you were involved in and the scope of activities. General administrative duties are typically expected of all employees, so focus on more meaningful contributions.

  • New skills: What new skills did you acquire or how did you apply those that you learned in school? Your skill set can be a strong selling point. Showing that you are current with best practices and the latest techniques can set you apart from other applicants. Review job openings and see what abilities employers are looking for. How does your experience align with these qualifications?
  • Technology/Software: Each industry has common programs, applications, or equipment that is used. Are you proficient in any specific software programs? How did you use them to support your work? Already having a foundation of knowledge and training can reduce the amount of training the employer would need to provide to catch you up. You would be able to jump in and contribute more quickly with less guidance.
  • Results: This can be a valuable addition to your internship experience. What did you accomplish while you were there and how did it impact the company? Even if you were only there for a short time, you most likely made a difference at some point in the project or process. Although it may not seem that meaningful, when looking at the bigger picture, these achievements show your contribution to the team and end results.

Show your Potential

Through your presentation of your experience, showcase your ability to learn new information and skills, adapt to policies and procedures as well as challenging situations, and apply what you have learned. Demonstrate to employers that you have the drive and commitment to excel in the role you are applying for. Use powerful action words to attract the employer’s attention and make an impact with each statement. Although you may not have much experience, what you have done is important and has helped to shape you as a professional. Entice employers to want to take a chance on you because you have the knowledge, skills, and drive to succeed.

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