Grammar Chic LinkedIn Writing Tips BlogGrammar Chic has long offered services in LinkedIn optimization—a one-time service, typically offered in conjunction with a resume rewrite, in which we polish up, expand, keyword, and refine your LinkedIn profile, casting you as a thought leader and as an invaluable member of your industry.

Recently, though, we’ve introduced a new service—LinkedIn Profile Management, which is ongoing and fluid. With this service, we post regular content on our client’s behalf, sharing articles, blogs, reports, and other useful content through LinkedIn status updates and LinkedIn Pulse.

In a way, it’s similar to our company’s content marketing services: We use social channels to share engaging content—not necessarily self-promotional, but certainly designed to cast your brand in the best light possible. The big difference is that here, it’s your personal brand, not a corporate one.

We’ve introduced this service for a simple reason: We’ve become increasingly convinced that LinkedIn profile management is not a one-time thing. To really get the most out of the platform, and to prove yourself to be a value-adding employee within your chosen field, you’ve got to use LinkedIn not just as an online resume, but as a publishing tool.

The benefits of publishing through LinkedIn are numerous:

  • It shows that you remain vitally engaged in your industry—not detached from it, but hands-on in the nitty gritty issues that shape your field. When you’re posting regular industry news or commentaries, it makes it clear that you are by no means passive or uncaring in your professional life.
  • It proves thought leadership. You’re not just sharing content but curating it, and in some cases even commenting on it. It’s a way of proving to potential employers that you know your stuff!
  • It also gives you a chance to make some opinions known. No, you should never talk about religion or politics in a job interview or on social media—but sharing perspectives on industry trends, when done right, can prove you to be thoughtful and bold. It also casts you as a leader and a decision-maker.

It’s not, we should say, for everyone—but for professionals looking to jump to that next level in their career—to win an audience, to turn themselves into rock stars, or simply to prove to employers that they’re MVPs—regular LinkedIn management can be just the thing.