Celebration of holiday

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are upon us and that 2013 is coming to a close. If you’re currently in the middle of a job search, now is the ideal time to really step up your efforts. However, before you send out any more applications or cover letters this year, make sure you focus on these points:

  • Include major accomplishments from 2013

Your resume will be rendered ineffective unless it’s always up-to-date. As the year goes on and you accomplish more, don’t forget to add these points to your resume. It’s best to do it as these achievements happen, as it’s easy to forget that great thing you did in May when it’s November.

Some people find that it’s helpful to keep a running list of the major accomplishments they’ve enjoyed at work over the course of the year. This way, you don’t forget about these points when you’re updating your resume, and can effectively sell yourself to a potential new employer.

Remember: it’s not bragging when you list your accomplishments on your resume. Don’t worry about sounding obnoxious. Hiring managers both want and need to know what you’ve achieved and what you’re capable of, so provide them with this information. If possible, also include hard data to further drive your successes home. Instead of saying you excel at sales, list how many clients you’ve brought on or how many times you’ve hit your quota this year.

  • Give it a complete overhaul

If you’ve been making tweaks to your resume for years, you might want to consider completely overhauling the document once a year. This includes getting rid of outdated information or reorganizing it to make your newest achievements stand out more. If it’s been a while since you really sat down and took a look at your resume from start to finish, now is the time to do it.

  • Update your core competencies section

Every job seeker should have a core competencies section on their resume (if you don’t, contact us today for help), and it’s important that this section is updated regularly. You’ll probably learn new skills throughout the year, and you want to make sure that these new abilities earn a spot on your resume.

  • Invest in a professional resume writer

This holiday season, consider giving yourself the gift of a professional resume. If you’re just not having much luck with your current document, it’s worth it to take it to a pro who can really beef up your resume and help you to stand out from the crowd. Even if you feel confident in the resume itself, it’s always worth it to have an extra set of eyes on the document for a good edit or proofread alone. When you’ve looked at something so many times, small mistakes may fail to jump out at you. But rest assured, they will certainly stand out to a hiring manager.

If you’re looking for a professional resume rewrite as you head into 2014, the team at Chic Resumes by Grammar Chic is here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can take your resume to the next level.