Many people only think about updating their resume when they’re unhappy at work and want to find a new job, or once they’ve already lost their job and are scrambling to find something else. Rushing to update your resume can leave you with a document you’re not entirely satisfied with – and doesn’t necessarily highlight your best strengths – because you were just trying to get it done in order to apply for some job openings you saw.

It’s actually a great idea to revise your resume once or twice a year, regardless of whether you are looking for a new job. Here are just a few reasons why:

If you should lose your job unexpectedly, you’re prepared. Having a resume that has been recently updated means you’ll have to spend less time making adjustments before you’re ready to start applying. You can focus on tailoring it to the positions you find instead of trying to remember what you achieved in that role three jobs ago.

Metrics are top of mind. Reviewing your resume annually means you can add the most current metrics such as your latest sales figures or how much you decreased downtime. Your resume will be timelier and more accurate rather than guessing or approximating results.

Projects are updated. Rather than emphasizing a project you did a few months ago, you can add something you’ve recently completed that you’re prouder of. Plus, once again, it’s top of mind so you remember exactly what your contributions were and the results achieved.

Skills section is refreshed. Have you completed additional training or taken on new responsibilities at work? Time to polish up your core competencies and add your proficiency with the latest software program or project management skills. Don’t forget to include any new licenses, certifications, or degrees to your education section as well.

You’re ready for other opportunities. Your resume doesn’t have to be used just for applying for new jobs. Perhaps you want to join a board or non-profit organization. Your resume can be used as a way to introduce yourself, your skills, and your accomplishments. It can complement your bio and provide a little more insight into your career history and qualifications.

You never know when a new job will come along. Even though you’re happy with your current role, what if your dream job should open up, or an opportunity you didn’t realize you wanted until you saw it? A current resume means that, after a little tailoring, you’re ready to apply and see what happens. You won’t have to waste any time jumping on a new opportunity.

When was the last time you brushed the cobwebs off of your resume? If it’s been too long and you’re unsure where to even start, contact Grammar Chic at (803) 831-7444 or Our team will work with you to not only update your experience, but create a document that aligns with current standards and helps you present yourself in the best light.