1-introApril starts a new month, leads into our new spring season and for many, it offers a chance of new direction when it comes to career development. While the spring season certainly delivers a fresh sense of optimism, April starts off with a holiday to make fools of us all. Although April Fool’s Day can be a lot of fun, modern job seekers have no room to be made a fool when trying to come out on top in this competitive market.

April Fool’s Day is a holiday marked around making fun of others and offers all kinds of deception. However, it is also a day where those who are prepared and cautious can avoid finding themselves in a tricky situation. On the career search front, Chic Resumes wants to help you get prepared by learning some of the most common misperceptions that job seekers have about resumes.

While common, these are factors that all job seekers should stay aware of when crafting their resumes—or else they may become another fool in the job market. Stay smart this April Fool’s Day and consider these tips:

  • Object the Objective

Resume templates still float around with a section marked “Objective.” Most job seekers do not really know what to do with this space—especially since it does not offer any information aside from the fact that a certain person is looking for a particular job. Although some continue to get by when including an “objective” at the top of their resume, this practice is quickly becoming outdated. As the job market and hiring atmosphere evolves, recruiters are likely to dismiss any candidate who relies on this dated practice.

Instead of using an objective, the resume has evolved to begin with a “Summary of Qualifications.” Here, a job seeker can briefly address goals, personality strengths and added qualifications that may not fit elsewhere on a resume. This summary is a bit longer than an objective and should be carefully crafted with impressive language.

  • Words Are Still More Powerful than Visuals

Recently, many new resume formats have been cropping up—some more daring individuals are even turning their CVs into sharp infographics. While these graphics and visuals can be very appealing for an online portfolio or in very select scenarios—such as creative professional jobs—relying on flashy design is not enough for most job seekers.

Even in the age of digital resumes and online networking, what is found on one’s paper resume still counts a great deal. Resumes are designed to condense a great deal of career experience into a tight yet neat package. Since recruiters will spend only six seconds on a resume before tossing it away, job seekers not only want to make sure that their resumes are easy to read but are smooth on the eyes—bold, striking visuals run the risk of confusing the reader.
Those who do want to leave a strong impression on employers do not have to turn in a boring piece of white paper. From formatting to resume paper, job seekers have many options that allow for a visually appealing yet polished document.

While it is important to get words on paper and format them to correct resume standards, it is also critical to choose the right keywords. Recent reports have revealed how frequently these keywords change, so it is always recommended to seek help from a professional resume writer who understands which terms are current and desirable.

  • When to Get Personal

Who you are as a person matters a great deal in the hiring process, as those interviewing you will want to make sure your personality is a great fit for the role and the company. While it is important to showcase personality traits, the resume is not always the best place to do so. Getting too personal can make some job seekers seem foolish in the long run.

The aforementioned “Summary of Qualifications” is a great place to use adjectives, but it is important to make sure they are all relevant to the career one is applying for. Terms like “single mother,” “caring coworker,” or “fitness fanatic” may not always have a place in the summary.

Not to worry though—the cover letter offers job seekers a great opportunity to delve more into their personal traits, their career journey and what their professional goals may be. In today’s job market, many forget to attach a personalized cover letter; however, those who do get an extra edge by revealing themselves a little bit more. By giving one’s self an identity through a cover letter, employers should be able to naturally form a more comprehensive image of the candidate along with the information presented in a resume.

Fool-Proof Your Resume

As hiring practices continues to evolve, many will find that resume standards are tough to keep track of. What may have been an appropriate resume 10 years ago is probably not going to make it past today’s employers. Fortunately, there are professional writing services to help you build a fool-proof resume.

Chic Resumes offers multiple resume services for any type of professional, whether one is entry level or senior level. Our professional writing team will get to know you through one-on-one consultation and craft a resume that matches your identity and career goals. We are also on hand to help with cover letters, digital resumes and thank you notes!

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