LinkedIn provides many different tools for personal branding—and one that probably doesn’t get enough credit is Elevate.

Maybe you’ve never even heard of it before. Elevate—which LinkedIn launched in 2015—is essentially a content curation platform, encouraging users to actively share industry-specific content through their LinkedIn page.

The Function of LinkedIn Elevate

The platform is specifically pitched to businesses, as a way for them to better involve their employees in sharing content—but it’s not hard to see how sharing content relevant your industry could also benefit your own career, adding thought leadership and industry engagement to your personal brand.

Indeed, LinkedIn has stated that the purpose of Elevate is to empower companies to “change the trajectory of their employees’ careers, they change the trajectory of their businesses as well.”

Certainly, it can be a win-win. According to the site, “when a LinkedIn member shares six pieces of content, on average, they receive six profile views and make two new connections, which helps them strengthen their professional brands. At the same time, the company they work for receives six job views, three Company Page views, and one Company Page follower, which helps them better hire, market, and sell.”

Elevate is Just the Beginning

For these reasons, we applaud the use of Elevate—but we also want to emphasize that Elevate alone is not enough to build a strong personal brand.

We also commend LinkedIn Pulse, essentially a built-in blogging tool, where you can share your personal insights into your industry and truly showcase your thought leadership—a powerful way to become a well-known expert within your field.

For that matter, it’s critical to have a robust, fully optimized LinkedIn profile. If people are going to be viewing your profile thanks to what they see via Elevate, you also want to have it ready with all the right keywords and the kind of rich content that truly shows your personal brand in a positive light.

In other words? You can use LinkedIn to advance your career, but doing so means using several different tools and platforms in tandem. We encourage you to find out more, and to ask about an expert-level LinkedIn profile optimization, by reaching out to the Grammar Chic team today.

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