iStock_000005359781Small (2)If you’ve been putting off updating your resume, the time to stop procrastinating is now. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to forget valuable information and accomplishments. One year fades into the next and older projects get replaced by newer ones. Autumn is an ideal time to shake the cobwebs off of your resume and polish it up for the end of the year.

You get busy over the holidays. This means further delays. The holidays haven’t really ramped up yet, so while you have some downtime, focus on revamping your resume. Reflect back on what you’ve accomplished over the past few months and how you have made an impact. Check on metrics from the third quarter and adjust the numbers on your resume. Why say you were the top selling rep two quarters a row when you can say you were for three? (With data to support that of course.)

Employers are getting ready for the holidays. In some industries, there is a major boost in business during the last two or three months of the year. You can pick up a seasonal job which may lead to a full-time position or leads on other roles. Companies are also evaluating their budget to see what openings they will have for the new year and you want to be ready. Updating your resume now means when those jobs are posted, you can apply more quickly and don’t have to worry about frantically trying to bring your resume up to date and submitting a mediocre representation of your abilities.

Reflect on what you want. If you are looking to change jobs, taking the time to revamp your resume allows you to reflect on your career. You are reminded of past projects and positions which you may have loved or hated. This can guide you in planning for future opportunities and the type of job you want to go after.

End the year on a positive note. Revising your resume can help you to feel more confident and optimistic about your job search. You can see how far you have come and what you have accomplished. This can also inspire you to pursue new goals and set your sights higher. A new job is on many people’s new year’s resolutions, so you’ll already be off to a strong start as you dive in with your polished resume.

And don’t forget – resume services are a valuable gift. If you have a recent graduate in the family, someone who is looking for a job, or a loved one who wants to switch jobs, buying them a resume rewrite and cover letter can make a meaningful difference in their life. It is a gift that can have a long-term impact and turn their future around. Show your love and support by helping them to boost their job potential.

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