Social media crazes come and go, but one trend that has gained attention and popularity is the TikTok resume. A video resume empowers job seekers to show off their personality and creativity. It is a way to quickly grab a hiring manager’s attention and highlight key qualities and accomplishments. But is this trend a passing fad or here to stay?

Only time will tell.

TikTok resumes are appealing to Gen Z because they have grown up with social media and technology. They are commonly social media influencers and turn to these types of platforms to stay connected, share their interests, and create change. But older generations are not necessarily as tech savvy or interested in making videos, meaning social media resumes are not generating as much buzz.

Advantages of a Video Resume

Being able to put your own twist on how you present yourself can be advantageous. For those candidates who may not express themselves well in writing, traditional resumes can be intimidating and not effectively showcase what they have to offer. But a video can allow them to verbally share their experience, abilities, and interests, as well as their skills when it comes to using technology, public speaking, and developing a compelling presentation.

Disadvantages of a Video Resume

Aside from not everyone knowing how to navigate TikTok and create an enticing video, this trend raises some other concerns as well. For instance, there is the legal issue of whether video resumes increase potential bias and discrimination. Traditional applicant tracking systems have features in place to help prevent these issues by removing identifying information during screening. You also don’t want to share personal contact information on a public video.

In addition, Corporate America and older recruiters or hiring managers may not be as likely to jump on board. Not every job lends itself to the creativity of a video resume, and some employers may prefer a more professional approach. Job seekers are also limited to between 15 seconds and three minutes for their video, which means having to carefully decide what to include and what gets cut.

Why You Still Need a Traditional Resume

Your TikTok resume can be a great way to get your foot in the door and drive interest, but you shouldn’t rely solely on this trend to land a job. Instead, use it as an alternative cover letter or to complement your hardcopy resume. With a traditional resume, you can include all of your contact information, education, core competencies, accomplishments, quantifiable achievements, and more, in one concise document. It is much faster and easier for an employer to scan and find key information than sitting and watching dozens of three-minute videos.

Let your creativity shine with a TikTok resume, but don’t forget to reach out to Grammar Chic to ensure you have a polished, traditional resume to submit as well. Make sure all of your bases are covered so are you are ready to move forward in your job search. Contact us today at (803) 831-7444 or to schedule a consultation and get started.