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Maximizing Internship Experience on your Resume

For new graduates and entry-level professionals, creating a resume can be challenging if they do not have much experience to fall back on. While they have taken all of the coursework and earned their degree, it is also important to show application of these skills. Internships can be a great way to highlight hands-on experience […]

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Showing your Value without Listing Salary History on your Resume

When it comes to your resume, you want to show employers the value that you can add to their company. Why should they hire you? What can you do for them? Some job seekers are tempted to list previous salaries to show the level of work they have performed, but this can actually take away […]

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The Work History of the Resume

While there is no doubt that resumes are incredibly important for job seekers today, where resumes came from can be quite a mystery. If you dread putting together your CV, it helps to know that our ancestors have been doing something of the same sort for centuries. We put together this infographic to pay homage […]

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Resume Looking a Little Dated? We’ve Got You Covered.

When you’re applying for a competitive job opening, your resume is everything. It sounds dramatic, but the way you present yourself on paper can truly make or break whether you get an interview from that organization. If you are desperate to land your dream job, you want to start with your resume. Once that is as good as it can be, everything else falls into place. When the document is updated and clearly worded, it’s much more likely that it will earn the attention of a hiring manager.

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Core Competencies Demystified

One of the most common questions that professional resume writers field is, “What, really, are core competencies?” The simple answer to this question is that these are keywords that reflect your skills in the workplace; however, the long-form answer is a bit more complex.

Creating a Positive First Impression

The goal of any great resume is to achieve a strong marketing message, meaning that readers know exactly what you have to offer and what you are looking for without you having to implicitly state your goals in an objective (which is outdated, but that’s a topic for another post). Typically, readers will look at a resume for a mere 30 or so seconds before tossing it into the yes, no, or maybe pile, so it is crucial that your document does a great job of reeling readers in. Core competencies are a great way to catch the attention of potential employers, as they are easy to peruse and provide a quick and detailed outline of your most valuable professional skills.

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