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Underqualified? Make Your Resume Show Your Potential

Imagine it: You’re scanning job openings and you find a position that seems right up your alley and are confident that you could be successful. Then you get to the bottom and see that it lists qualifications that you don’t have. Should you chalk it up to a loss and move on? Not necessarily. Properly […]

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When Less is More on Your Resume

Your resume is a marketing tool, not your life history. Sometimes less is more – but this doesn’t mean you have to cram everything onto one page using slim margins and a tiny font. You want your resume to be readable but focused and engaging. Job seekers often make the mistake of trying to detail […]

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Cleaning Up Your Resume for 2017

The new year is in full swing, and many people are still faithfully carrying out their resolutions. For some people, this means searching for a new job. Even if your resolutions didn’t include a job change, it can still be a great time to put some focus on updating your resume. A fresh start all […]

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Is it Okay to Leave Jobs Off of Your Resume?

When it comes to your resume, lying should never be an option. At the same time, it also isn’t your life history. Your resume is a snapshot of your career and accomplishments to show employers what you bring to the table and why you are a good fit for the open position. If you spent […]

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5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Resume

There’s no denying that the job market is fierce. There are often dozens of people fighting over the same open positions. If you’re not standing out for the right reasons, you’re missing your opportunity. When you’ve been submitting tons of resumes with little to no response, it may be time to consider double-checking your resume […]

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Conducting Your Own 6-Second Resume Scan

In a perfect world, recruiters would spend time carefully reviewing each section of your resume to see if you’re the right fit for an open position. In reality, they only spend about six seconds on their cursory glance to decide whether or not you make the cut. That means that you have very little time […]

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4 Signs it’s Time to Revamp your Resume

If you’ve been using the same resume for a while now and you’re not seeing the results you would like, it may be time to consider giving your resume a refresh. Your resume should be a fluid document that you are continually tweaking and adjusting. It is not something that should be set in stone. […]

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Going Overboard: How your Resume is Making You Look Desperate

With the rise and fall of the economy and the competitive nature of the job market, many job seekers are doing whatever they can to improve their chances of landing a job. While some of these efforts are beneficial, such as freshening up your wardrobe or preparing in advance for common interview questions, others detract […]

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