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Reducing the Impact of Job Hopping on your Resume

While some people have a long history of working for a single company, others have moved from job to job over the years. This may be due to their own choosing or for reasons beyond their control. Regardless of the cause, having a career history that hops from job to job within a relatively short […]

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Jack of all Trades: How a Broad Resume can Hurt your Job Search

It is wonderful to have a broad range of abilities and interests. Oftentimes employees wear many hats and may have developed numerous skills throughout their career. This allows them to be adaptable and take on different projects. Entrepreneurs in particular may have assumed many roles. However, when it comes to your resume, being a jack […]

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6 Ways your Resume could be Distracting Employers

Employers and recruiters look at dozens of resumes. Job seekers want to ensure that their resume is polished, professional, and attracts attention for the right reasons. You may have all of the necessary information on your resume, but it still might not be making the impact you were hoping for. Other features may be distracting […]

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Want to Make an Impression on a Hiring Manager? Skip the Soft Skills On Your Resume

Do a little research on resume writing, and you’ll probably hear the idea of “soft skills” mentioned at least once or twice. But while you may be tempted to throw in a mention of “strong communication skills” in order to beef up your resume, don’t. This type of cliché addition is exactly the kind thing that will cause a recruiter to cringe. Truthfully, it is implied that you have clear communication skills. The ability to communicate is a trait that all professionals need to have. Furthermore, your hiring manager will find out whether you actually do possess these abilities as soon as they sit down to interview you. No need to take up precious space on your resume stating the obvious. Looking for some other items that you can delete off of your resume?

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How to Avoid Common Resume Gaffes

When writing your resume you have a lot to think about. What are the skills that you use on a daily basis? How have you positively impacted your company? What font should you use? Is Comic Sans really off limits? (The answer, for the record, is yes). Given all of these things going through your mind when you are putting together your resume, it can be easy to overlook some of the simplest and most important aspects of crafting a great document.

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