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5 Resume Tips for Seniors to Stay Competitive

The job market has gotten increasingly competitive over the years forcing job seekers to step up their game. It’s no longer enough to have a mediocre resume when there are many people vying for the same position. For older job seekers, they often worry that, although they have a great deal of experience, their age […]

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Didn’t Get the Job? How to Use Your Interview to Improve Your Resume

The goal of your resume is to land an interview which then helps you to land a job. While your resume may get you to the interview stage, this may not be enough to keep you moving forward. This can seem like vicious circle at times, but rather than letting a rejection get you down, […]

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Why Hiring Managers Hate Your Resume

If you have been submitting your resume to multiple positions with little response, it may not just be the competitive nature of the job market. It could be that your resume isn’t as polished as you think and contains some nuances that are turning off hiring managers. There is certain information that employers simply don’t […]

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Is an Online Resume Really Necessary?

In today’s technology-driven world, more and more employers and recruiters are going online to scope out candidates. Job seekers are turning to personal websites and online platforms such as LinkedIn to build connections and make their resume more readily available. While having an online version of your resume is not a requirement, it can certainly […]

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5 Reasons your Resume may be Getting Lost in the Shuffle

Employers and recruiters may receive dozens or even hundreds of applications for open positions. They must then go through and sort these applications to determine who may be the best fit for the job. Sometimes applicant tracking systems (ATS) are the first tool used to narrow down the selection. This means that not only does […]

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