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Three Simple Ways to Network Better on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a solid reputation as the jobseeker’s social platform of choice; while it’s certainly possible to look for jobs and develop connections on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn remains the most powerful online channel for expanding your professional network. This doesn’t happen without some effort, though. Fortunately, there are some small, simple things you can […]

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Enhancing LinkedIn to Support your Resume and Job Search

It’s not enough to just have a resume anymore. While they are still an essential part of the job application process, employers are taking advantage of society’s engagement with technology to recruit and screen applicants. They’re turning to social media, Internet searches, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn to learn more. If you don’t have […]

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Do You Really Need a LinkedIn Profile in Addition to a Resume?

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, your resume and your LinkedIn profile are not one and the same. You shouldn’t be opting for one or the other – you should have both. Each of these tools offers its own benefits and can help you in your job search. In today’s technology-driven world, it is surprising when […]

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Beyond Elevate: Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides many different tools for personal branding—and one that probably doesn’t get enough credit is Elevate. Maybe you’ve never even heard of it before. Elevate—which LinkedIn launched in 2015—is essentially a content curation platform, encouraging users to actively share industry-specific content through their LinkedIn page. The Function of LinkedIn Elevate The platform is specifically […]

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LinkedIn Optimization Is Not a One-Time Thing

Grammar Chic has long offered services in LinkedIn optimization—a one-time service, typically offered in conjunction with a resume rewrite, in which we polish up, expand, keyword, and refine your LinkedIn profile, casting you as a thought leader and as an invaluable member of your industry. Recently, though, we’ve introduced a new service—LinkedIn Profile Management, which […]

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